let’s eat cake


bonjour toute le monde, ça va? i hope you’re having a great holiday weekend. it’s been BBQ central for so many days i’ve lost track and am finally finding a few minutes to myself. of course that translates into falling down a beautiful rabbit hole known as the world wide web of wonder.  i wanted to share two divinely lovely things, the first is my dear friend and source of endless inspiration, haleigh walsworth of making magique. she has an exquisitely gorgeous life that she shares through her blog and allows us into her personal world of deliciousness. i could practically eat her photos and want to revel in every post



of course a girl like haleigh couldn’t go unnoticed, and not just cause she’s a modern audrey heburn/brigitte bardot, (basically the toast of paris…in my mind anyway, and i love putting her on that pedestal), but rather because she’s the essence of magic herself. she’s taken her life in paris and turned it into a full blown lifestyle brand. the more i watch her grow the more i learn from her, mainly never to lose my joie de vivre and to be utterly fearless in every aspect of life. what did that attitude earn her?


for starters, her very own blog on Lancôme where she has been charged with the glorious task of writing about everything from beauty


to fashion,




travel and cuisine.


so you can imagine how happy i was when she asked me to collaborate on a piece for her blog at Lancôme.



ta da!



this post got me thinking about what my blog readers might be interested in hearing about, talking about, sharing and what you’re working on. are you carving out a bit of paris in your life, are you working on your brand, interested in collaborating, connecting with and empowering other women (and men) and encouraging them to flourish? i’d like do lots of this and want this next part of my life to be filled with that. basically overflowing with beauty and inspiration. you inspire me…what are you up to and into?

May 26, 2015. Tags: . Decorating, Fashion, France, Friends.


  1. iolacontessa replied:

    Lipsticks…………….and floral hats!


  2. Nikon replied:

    I’m just enjoying living vicariously through your blog :)


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      Curious what you’re working on, Paul…I saw your gorgeous photo of a bird on Linkedin…are you a photographer?


  3. Karena Albert replied:

    Dear Claudia, as you know for me it is the Arts! The Arts includes so many genres though; paintings, photography, fashion design, jewelry design, architecture and more!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Coco Chanel: Three Weeks


  4. betweenmeandthee replied:

    Such beautiful photos….pastel layer cake, oh my! Was on my way to see movie IRIS when your blog hit my email. I loved it. What an inspiration, role model for kindness, fervor, style and joy!
    I have yet to enter my first post on my blog but yours always inspires me.
    Thanks Marla


  5. Haleigh @ Making Magique replied:

    Dear Claudia! Thank you so much for your this thoughtful post and all your support of me throughout the years. You have been a feather in the wings on which I fly and for that I am so thankful (and of course for all your inspiring posts over the years that we all get to enjoy!) so much love to you! XOXO


  6. april replied:

    Wanted to love your friend’s blog… endless selfies killed it.


  7. Brian Masters replied:

    Its flair,not “flare.”


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