when worlds collide


good morning! it’s been a pretty busy few days around here with the maison et objet in town for the first time in miami beach. it was like having paris descend on our shores and throw a design party!IMG_0343a

of course i was thrilled that we were hosting the world renowned home show and went as both journalist and buyer, not sure what would be so much different from the show in paris…


it was much smaller and more managable than the one in france which is about 10 times the size, but there was still a lot to process as far as the sheer amount of innovation, crossover and creativity.




there were companies from all over the world including ‘natural curisosites’ from la, and their name sort of summed up the show for me.


making my way through the aisles, booths, lectures and halls, it seemed that was the running theme.


i noticed a lot of organic and modern trends being able to mix seamlessly, giving the show a fresh modern feel while still keeping its traditional roots.


the baroque and rococo curls and swirls were co-mingling alongside natural booths,  just as in the 1700s era when designers admired and brought in shells, ornament and spirals and created what’s now classic french louis xv design. it was a time when doors were thrown open and interiors and exteriors began to merge.


at the show there were green walls with fibonacci spirals


planter sacks for balconies



and the magnificent traditional importers, ‘authentic provence’, who are bringing it to us right here in west palm beach


we were invited to factories in the south of france where pots like these have been made for centuries


and discovered companies who are salvaging and restoring old french floors that are being discarded in paris and bringing them back to life right here in miami.


i loved seeing the beach and le mer come together


nature playfully mixed with convention


vibrant colors from turkey and istanbul brought up images of the south of france



cashmere, cottons, textures…


metals like these below were vibrant and organic, showing how a juxtaposition between modern and organic can happen seamlessly


when shaped into free organic fleurs


sea shapes and impressions were cast in porcelain as lights and vases



paper was manipulated as lights and objects of beauty


mixes of stone, feathers, metallics and pearls were everywhere


allowing design to flourish with nature as back splashes, additions to chandeliers, and on furniture.



i guess i’m a bit of a tech nerd at heart but the final frontier was the beautiful modern devices that truly sync our worlds…


as i was leaving i couldn’t resist shooting this twist on a classic…i think the design and ingenuity speaks for itself. hope you enjoyed le show!


May 15, 2015. Decorating, Design, Florida, France, Maison et Objet, Miami.


  1. PEGGY BRASWELL replied:

    great photos + loved everthing. xx peggybraswelldesign.com


  2. Nikon replied:

    I don’t know where to begin on this!
    So many fabulous photos, one after the other, taking my breath away!
    Amazing event, Claudia, photographed perfectly and the photos are perfectly arranged into a beautiful essay.


  3. The Cranky Traveler replied:

    Very nice pictures and your blog is pretty lovely! I’ll be catching up on the reading :)


  4. Debie Pettry (@mybrocante) replied:

    Wow Claudia this was such an inspiring post.I loved the colored metal screen over the light fixture, it is a popular look here but the colors take the concept to a whole new level. Thanks so much,


  5. Mary in Oregon replied:

    I followed Halleigh Wallsworth’s link from Lancome and boy am I happy!
    That last photo is of such an iconic chair that I loved in the 60’s and when I saw it again at the Frankfurt furniture show when I lived there in 1968; it was just terrible that I couldn’t afford the $1300 price tag (yes, even then!). But this new remake looks interesting, too. Could you actually take home any of those so lovely Anduzian vases if one wanted to?


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      You can visit the pottery factory in France and they do ship worldwide. Which chair were you referring to?


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