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hey guys, happy easter/passover! whatever you’re celebrating here’s hoping your day full of friends, family, food & fun. i’m at my parents’ house and we’re doing all the traditional stuff from cooking to dyeing eggs. it got me wondering why exactly we do these things and what they mean. a quick google search provided a little education, a lot from this site in particular, homecooking-foodhistory and here are some of their insights below:

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 1.06.36 PM


the word ‘easter’ derives from a pagan fertility goddess named Eastre. a festival was held each spring to in northern europe to honor her. the rabbit was her animal spirit and was also a symbol of fertility and the abundance of spring.


Eastre by Jacques Reich


what’s with the egg? the egg is an ancient symbol for new life and has been associated with festivals celebrating spring since pagan times.



easter takes place the first sunday after the spring solstice. it’s considered the time of year for renewal after a cold, hard winter.



all around the globe, cultures use the egg as a symbol of new life and rebirth.


a notation in the household accounts of edward I of england showed an expenditure for eggs to be gold-leafed and colored as easter gifts.



the first book to mention easter eggs by name was written five hundred years ago. long hard winters often meant little food, and a fresh egg for easter was a real treat.



via facebook/jill buchanan

many old cultures attributed the egg with great healing powers. somehow the bunny rabbit and the eggs have morphed into the traditional way we celebrate today.



i have a slight obsession with the creative, gorgeous, innovative ways people have come to celebrate this time of year and am in love with the many styles of egg dyeing, lace cutting



and traditions from all over the world. it would be easy to get lost in blogland going thru pretty pics but i’ve got to get to work helping get this party started!



if you still have time, here’s a cool dye chart:


ok gotta go…enjoy your day with the ones you love!


April 5, 2015. Easter, Holidays.


  1. Nikon replied:

    Thanks for the info!
    I never knew that it had anything to do with paganism or fertility!
    I hope that you had a good holiday, Claudia.


  2. Judi replied:

    I knew about the goddess, worship, fertility, but I have never seen so many great egg dyeing and coloring ideas! Fantastic. Happy Spring!


  3. Karena Albert replied:

    Hi Claudia, I hope that you had a wonderful holiday weekend! So many artfully creative eggs!! I love them all!
    The Arts by Karena


  4. Susanne replied:

    Hi Claudia, happy birthday by the way. Hope you had a nice Eastern weekend and will habe a wonderful day today. Very nice post with all the eggs.


  5. Yaya replied:

    Your blog is always filled with inspiration, and it’s good to see you blogging again. Thank you for sharing the beauty.


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