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good morning and happy wednesday! how’s your september so far? it’s still summer so hopefully you’re enjoying friends, family and making the season last as long as possible.  today i wanted to continue to explore the women who have been inspiring me and introduce you to one of the ladies from the EmbraceParis trip. please get to know Jennifer Brouwer.


she’s the sister you never had. the girl who at first is intimidatingly beautiful and turns out to be the most down to earth girl you’ve ever met.  the very first dinner we when we sat next to each other at hit it off straight away.


besides not being able to take my eyes off of her, the conversation was mesmerizing and i could have chatted with her for hours. she’s thoughtful, thought provoking, positive and ahead of her time. throughout the trip,  during the the late nights we hung out and dished and i learned so much from her. she’s become one of my personal heroes and i hope you get to know her now too!


besides being a mother, wife and friend, jen is a high end interior designer with exquisite taste and a penchant for perfection. check out her website here: jenniferbrouwerdesign.com

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we were at a social media conference so of course we shared ideas and tactics but i had no idea how deep she had gone till i started researching her last week. if you’re interested in using social media, check out how jen has worked it. she is using pinterest in a really unusual and creative way:

jens pinterest


she made her own videos and shared them on you tube:

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how she finds time i’ll never know…she’s like a superwoman, a force of nature who not only works for herself but finds time to help anyone else who needs it too. here she is working with home depot and decor mentor to promote her work, paint and skills!


take a moment to visit her blog for random inspiration and jen’s take on life and musings about her creative process at: jenniferbrouwerdesign.com/blog/2014/08/give-get-share-empower-flourish



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meanwhile she works with her dear friend and another guest on the trip, lisa ferguson of Decor Mentor (i’ll get to her story next). they’re a dream team and help each other bounce ideas around and turn talk into reality. jen is her model and muse, lisa is her rock, you’ll love their friendship!



Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 10.09.53 PM


we worked together with lisa to find our strengths. these were jen’s. i’ll show you mine next…maybe you are interested in finding yours, it’s a really interesting project they’re involved with.



jen is so positive!







i guess i could go on and on as jen has become yet another woman with no limit. these inspirational quotes are all on her site and her sense of humor is maybe what pulled me to her most. jen, i can’t wait to see you again dear friend and thank you for all the inspiration you have given me since the day we met!  i hope you get to enjoy a bit of her world too. have a great day out there and let me know how your social media presence is going!



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  1. Lisa Ferguson replied:

    Claudia, I LOVE how you are supporting and elevating other women! We need more like you in this world!


  2. Karena Albert replied:

    Great ladies and I am so thankful that they are open and generous in sharing their stories!

    The Arts by Karena!


  3. Cindy Potters replied:

    Claudia this is who you were to me in Paris. Came back from the trip with my heading buzzing with ideas and renewed energy. YOU are total inspiration!!! Great post. :)


  4. Nikon replied:

    Good advice and I love the photos of that apartment!


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