living in real itme


bonjour tout le monde et bon weekend as they say en paree!


it’s been a few days since we left le meurice and the hustle and bustle of the days with the wonderful #EmbraceParis group.

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 8.35.57 AM

my dear friend keni valenti has arrived

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 8.37.23 AM

and we have since moved into a sweet apartment house on the left bank thanks to madelyn at paris perfect luxury rentals and are working on honing our social media skills.


i wanted to touch base and let you know which channels are working best to get photos and info out to the universe.


although it’s difficult to post in real time, a stop at the apple store or a starbucks can get us hooked up on the WIFI here and there.

so before heading out this morning to vanves flea market, here’s a quick snapshot of what we’ve been up to.

blue doors in paris

lastly, i had to post this from you tube, it’s a video from funny face that keni has us singing thru the streets all day everyday! he’s been my muse and is so much fun! have a great weekend, more soon!

July 26, 2014. Friends, Marché aux Puces, Vanves Flea Market.


  1. Ann Wilhelm replied:

    Just a fabulous post….THANKS for a little time in Paris!


  2. Carol Evans replied:

    I returned two days ago from 10 days in Paris, were you there for the fireworks on Bastille Day? I love your flowers they were everywhere, unbelievable as was everything. There is always something new and wonderful I Paris, my favorite city in the world.


  3. Peter Orlowski replied:

    Excellent reference video! Enjoy Guys!


  4. Karena Albert replied:

    Dear Claudia how fabulous!! Thank you for brightening my morning!
    By the way how is the new book coming along?

    The Arts by Karena


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hi karena, so glad to hear from you, i’m tossing ideas around for a new book but just enjoying myself this trip!


  5. Gigi replied:

    I absolutely love Paris. You have such a fabulous blog. This post makes me want to pack my bags and catch the next flight.


  6. Peggy Braswell replied:

    adore paris + can’t get enough of it + have a wonderful time.


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hi peggy, same here…every time i want to go to another city i end up here! i am vowing to get to italy this fall!


  7. camille replied:

    I really like your blog : the phtos are gorgeous and the information is relevant. I like the sweet image you give of Paris.

    best regards


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