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bonjour and happy saturday! i’m broadcasting from the gate at the airport about board the first leg of my journey traveling off the continent. but first, a layover in newark, nj! and only then to the other side of the world…where they keep our beloved paree!

not sure if you remember my post about the trip and the story behind but here are the cliff notes. about 10 women are coming together for a sort of brainstorming/collaborating/empowering/social media conference/meetup. it’s the brainchild of Norma Thiessen who was eager to put it together after coming back from a retreat with a group of women in the countryside. (she went kicking and screaming but came back inspired to set something like it up in paris).  i still don’t know how she did it all but she has put together the most incredible itinerary! you can read her story here:

norma collaborated with the inimitible carina okula and says on her blog: ‘Carina Okula, who is my dear friend and resides in Paris, became the obvious choice for a co-host. Together we created Embrace Paris: Empower * Brainstorm * Collaborate * Engage. We needed a theme, so we chose a common interest—the ever changing and crazy world of social media.’

and there you have it! i’d like to introduce our two hostesses and hope you’ll come along for the ride. so without further ado, please meet Norma ThiessenMy Beautiful Paris (the photo above and 4 below are hers)




(see more at ink361)

Carina Okula i’m really looking forward to meeting carina in person and spending time together. we have been talking about setting her delicious photos up in the paris apartment’s web boutique and now we’ll have the chance to sit together and do just that. as norma describes her: ‘Carina is a Paris-based Photographer. Carina is my beloved Australian, and her photos melt my heart every time. She has a special and unique way of capturing the mood and the atmosphere.’ i couldn’t agree more!


The Parisian Ambience section on her website is gorgeous and you can see more here:


et alors, we’re about to board so if there’s a layover in nj i’ll start to write about the others attending and profile the ladies. i’ll be sharing their tips on everything from photography to twitter so if you’re interested, stay tuned! i know these blog posts go directly into a lot of your inboxes so if you have to unsubscribe i understand. just don’t want to bombard you without telling you first but also don’t want to have to hold back, you know? ok, whew, glad that’s been said. and now, here’s a sampling of what’s in store:

photo 2

photo 1

they’re calling my group to board so for now, a tout alors et bon weekend!

July 19, 2014. Friends, Paris.


  1. Nancy Flemming replied:

    I am eager to get all the information ! Social Media is so perfect for your subject. I need to glean information from you as you keep in touch with us. In my work here with rescuing pets in their time of trauma and need, my skills with social media are incredibly important and I am hungry to learn more! Lives depend on it! ( and I am so NOT good at it)
    Thank you for your remarkable blog;have been following for years, am such a Francophile!
    Staying at the Meurice ….what a divine experience to share with remarkable women!
    Nancy Flemming


  2. irenevilanova replied:

    Fantastic post, and now is the better moment for me because in september I´m going to Paris, and it makes me dream about it.


  3. Patty replied:

    I just love this post! I too have been to Paris many times and plan on going again in the fall. I am Patty P Here, the little French Girl.


  4. Chryle replied:


    Seriously??!! I get you in my Inbox twice in two days??!! Is life fab or what??!! I am one lucky girl! ;)

    Have a marvelous trip! I am very much looking forward to more more more! I was in Paris just once for a weekend years ago, but watching the lights come up from the Eiffel Tower and taking a boat ride on the Seine… magical…. And just the little you have shared so far has me pining for more. I wait, eagerly, for your next gift in my Inbox….


  5. Karena Albert replied:

    Dear Claudia very excited to hear more about this trip! A fabulous group of women! xoxo

    The Arts by Karena
    Europe: Simply Irresistible!


  6. Tessa~ replied:

    happy for you and for us… since you are taking us along with you.



  7. MJH Design Arts replied:

    Have a fantastic vision expanding trip. Can’t wait for the updates.


  8. Nikon replied:

    I hope that you have a great time and a productive one!
    The photos are gorgeous!


  9. peggy braswell replied:

    hope you have a delicious time with all the women + can’t wait till next post.


  10. Serviced Apartments Guy replied:

    It looks like a great itinerary! And these are all gorgeous pictures also, makes me want to hop on the eurostar right now.


  11. Carol Halesworth replied:

    Thank you for the wonderful update I do look forward to following your group and your site. I know our readers would love to follow along also. Enjoy your trip and when you get a chance we can discuss how our avid readership can be enlightened and inspired also. We have numerous ways to include your great site and blog. In fact *Artful Blogging* is coming up again for the November 2014 release and we are working on it currently. It would be great to have you included in that issue. An advertisement is the surest way to convey your message your way. I know your busy now so let’s see when you get back.

    Most Sincerely,

    *Carol Halesworth* Advertising Account Executive

    *Stampington & Company* 22992 Mill Creek Drive Laguna Hills, CA 92653 Phone (949) 380-7318 Toll Free (877) 782-6737 Fax (949) 470-2977

    ** Create. Shop. Imagine.


  12. The Paris Apartment replied:

    hi carol, thank you for that great info, i know we ALL love your magazines and when i get back will contact you for more info!


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