changes in attitude


allo chers amis! i hope your summer’s in full swing and has had all the magic that only balmy breezes,  starry skies and BFFs can bring. there’ve been slow but steady changes over here in every way. i’ve been keeping a pretty low profile while i figure out the details of my next stage in life, love and business. what i’m learning is that you can’t figure those things out, just have to jump in and let the road take you!


till that happens, i’ve been shutting off. offline, off roading…off my beaten path. taking time to freeflow and change perspective.  i’ve been wrapped up in my world, comfortable with the status quo and sure that what i thought was reality. now i want to look into that reality and really notice the thoughts, repeated daily actions and things i say to myself and others.


this time of introspection has led me to look at life with a fresh perspective, sort of in a philanthropic way. one of the things i’m considering is a mission statement for both my business and me personally. what do i want to accomplish in either of those aspects and where do i want to go?


in a world with no off button, i think i shorted out. in order to think straight it was a good time to take it all down a notch. even blogging was a distraction and in order to see clearly it helps to have some silence to think.


maybe the end of a 10 year relationship and also being a little under the weather for the first time in years was my wakeup call, but i think i’m coming out of a slump and and seeing signs of a groove coming back.


this new-found introspection has led to changes in everything from diet to sleep habits, relationships, conversation and philosophies. it’s been good to see the changes in action and the results they produce. i’m writing in a morning journal, chilling hard, reading and generally turning my world over and inspecting it. shaping it into what i want instead of it shaping me.

it’s been a while since i’ve traveled and maybe that’s part of the trouble. i do love my life and where i live.  in an age that’s precarious to say the least, it’s been easy to stay in my comfort zone and not venture too far out. but traveling is what i love to do and somehow got moved to the back burner. and just as fate would have it, right as i’m coming out of this social hibernation i’ve been invited to a social media conference in paris,  and am leaving on saturday. how could i say no? change is the new me. i’ll tell you all about it in real time.

for now i’ll enjoy the calm before the storm. sending love and  sweet summery dreams your way!

July 18, 2014. Dreams, Friends.


  1. Marsha @ Splenderosa replied:

    I think you are adorable. I am certain you will have so much fun, enjoy every moment and then tell us all about it. I cannot think of one thing (seriously) that I love more than travelling. xx’s

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hi marsha, what a sweet thing to say! thank you for the encouragement. i have to agree with you on the traveling. hard to leave home but once you do…what a world!

  2. DLP replied:

    Hang in there Claudia, be true to yourself.

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      i love that thought, so simple. to thine own self be true. funny how much we do is with others in mind.

  3. MJH Design Arts replied:

    Yes, to all yearnings for growth and expansion. First, I need to hear the silence and be at peace with it. Sending love for this page in life’s journey.

  4. Valerie replied:

    Every good wish to you as the next chapter unfolds.

  5. Mary P replied:

    Good for you! You are being introspective and so many of us don’t listen to that voice inside of us. I love that you are leading your life instead of it leading you – a good lesson for us all ! Bonne chance!

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      I say that now but boy was i letting life take the lead instead of taking the reins. never did that before so it was a real wakeup call. looking forward to seeing clearly now!

  6. Sandra Chapin replied:

    I am sorry to hear of your break up. Sometimes though change comes about from “life explosions.” Wishing you a bon voyage and peaceful days ahead.

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      it’s pretty interesting knowing that anything can happen now and that someone special could be around any corner. thanks sandra, i’m looking forward to a really intense explosion!

  7. Chryle replied:


    “in a world with no off button, i think i shorted out.”

    It is always a good day when I find the gift of you in my Inbox. Yours is the only blog I subscribe to: a blending of words and images so complete and perfect that it restores my soul. And I am confident that you, in living your life, will do just that for you. May you find the gift of you in your Inbox.

    Wishing for you all that you could wish for… and then some….

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hi chryle, i really love your comment. thank you so much. when you write a blog and know it’s going into inboxes it can be a real block cause you don’t want to be invasive. who cares about my life? i appreciate and adore my blog friends more than you know and am eternally grateful. i needed that boost of confidence!

  8. Anne McDermott replied:

    This made my day!!

  9. ARod replied:

    fabulous enjoy your new perspective in Paris a city you love have a fabulous trip cant wait to hear all about it

  10. tessa~ replied:

    i am a very new reader, who is so happy to see a new post here!!!!

    thank you!!!

    all the best, with your introspection.

    resuming travel, with a trip to paris!!! oh my, oh my, oh happy sigh… delightful prospect.

    please take us along… via photos and words… please…

    gentle hugs,
    “here there be musing” blog

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hi tessa, so glad you’re here, new friend. thank you for your open heart, glad you’re here!
      ps i went to your blog and checked it out. love the roses.

  11. Phoenixwmn (@Phoenixwmn) replied:

    Changes in attitude, as you say, are an important life-gleaning process. Embracing that, I feel, is the difference between a life that soars and a life that flounders. Honor those inner yearnings and see them through; it’s my experience they’ll always take you someplace revelatory. In your travels should you come to RI, email me & come visit. My farm is well-known to be a very Zen, meditative experience and I hear the food is totally awesome. :) I entertain many artists ( I am an artist-author) and writers, musicians, health care professionals; those who as Whitman said, feel ” the world is too much with us”. ( that’s my secret motto right there~ :) I congratulate you on honoring yourself…so many folks live by rote, refreshing to see up close someone who isn’t. :) Best Wishes, Susi Franco

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hi susi, i read youre comment over and over. so much to think about. i want a life that soars. i want to listen to and honor the inner yearnings and see them through! i think my next stop could be RI, your zen retreat sounds like heaven. maybe we could have a small blogger’s meet up there!

  12. Karena Albert replied:

    Dear Claudia, There are these times in life where we just need to listen and to be. It sounds simple yet the everyday path can swoop us up so quickly…it is good to take time away.

    The Arts by Karena

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hi karena, i know you know the fast pace that cyber space can take. i’m pulling over, still love the fast lane but good to know i can pick a lane instead of crusing full speed at all times.

  13. Lisa replied:

    As always, love your beautiful thoughts. Sorry for the breakup. .. I’m doing similar simplifying and serious chilling. ♡

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      the breakup was sad, mostly cause you wonder where the time went and for what. but exciting to think of the future prospects! glad you’re chilling, there’s nothing like it. oh and my new bf will be someone who really knows how to chill too.

  14. Nancy Flemming replied:

    You opened up the opportunity for the trip to Paris through opening up yourself by your thoughtful introspection and discovering what you truly love. Congratulations and good luck!
    (Just got back from Paris, myself)
    Love your blog when you really share your thoughts and inspire others to do the same.
    Your sense of beauty and harmony is a great gift to share.

    Nancy Flemming

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hi nancy, i love that perspective. writing in the journalin the mornings is helping me to open the channel to the creative forces out there. i guess it is actualization in action! thank you for your beautiful note, i’ll treasure it as i do your friendship.

  15. Peggy Braswell replied:

    miracles come when we least expect it + a trip to Paris + good luck + happy trails to you.

  16. Dayle replied:

    Oh man Claude, so raw, so real, so candid, so brave. Je te’ adore, Bon Voyage xo

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hi dayle, i’m thrilled you stopped by, i love to know you’re on the other side of this little screen, rooting for me. me too you…all of you!

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