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good morning and happy saturday! what are you doing this weekend? for me it’s taking it down a notch. it’s been way too long since i’ve been on a truly healthy regime. seems like with work and friends it’s easy to get caught up in everything but taking care of myself. a bit of food poisoning yesterday woke me up to the glory it is to be in good shape and the hell it is when you’re knocked down for even a short time. the bottom line is that from this day on, if i’m not working, i’m doing something good for myself which includes excercising and eating right. it’s time to grow up and i’m excited for it!

images (2)why is it so easy to fall into partying and late nights? i’m no angel and i know that no good will come of it. i want to start planning for the future. i already know i want it to be filled with health and good times above all else. so it’s time to clean up my act in every area, fill up on knowledge,  classes, excercise and the abundance of good food, fruit and veggies we have in every supermarket. what a blessing!




our own little worlds, our bodies are ours to shape and design. i want to start this summer with a great shape and that means no more blueberry sconces and haagen dazs. i’m letting it all hang out right now but this is a web log, right? why not set the intention and alert the universe! anyway it’s not so hard with a formula, something like this:


i give people with stamina, perseverance and consistency such credit. now i want to be one of them.  i hope i can stay on the path. if you’re doing it, what’s keeping you on the straight and narrow?

images (3)


results help! can’t wait to get into a bikini again!



i guess i just want to be smart. not be someone who knows better but won’t DO better. i’d like to be strong, not weak, be a mindful eater, not a borg who does and eats things by rote.


i’d love to hear what you’re including in your regimine this spring and what your goals are! let’s do it together! have a great weekend!

May 10, 2014. Dreams, Health, Life.


  1. Valerie replied:

    Enjoy all these genuinely good things. You can do this!


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      thanks valerie! i went for a walk, yoga and swim so far! now i’m getting set for an evening of work. it’s saturday but i would rather catch up than anything else tonight!


  2. Nikon replied:

    Keeping up an exercise routine is the most beneficial, I think.


  3. resurgee replied:

    I’ll hop on your bandwagon. I’m going to be strong, healthy woman too. I know what to do. I. Just. Have. To. Do. It. – ro


  4. Sue replied:

    I realized my muffin and Americano habit turned into a muffin top, so not what I want for me! I’m going gluten free, cutting out sugar, walking more and getting ready for daily swims. What’s motivating me? Loving how I feel and how clothes look and fit when I’m slim. Loving the feeling of my inner me, conquering my bad habits. Stick to it, your going to love you!


  5. MJH Design Arts replied:

    What keeps me on the path?? Have become super sensitive to “night shades” (all the fun and yummy vegetables) wheat and beef and all chemicals– the foods I love; and the only choices left are healthy ones. Boring but I feel sooooooo much better. Good luck–it is definitely worth it.


  6. Cindy Potters replied:

    Great post. I’m in!!!!


  7. Karena Albert replied:

    Thank you so much for the encouragement Claudia! I am working really hard to beat the addiction to sugar, and eat even more veggies and fruit.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    The Arts by Karena


  8. Clare replied:

    Good on you, Claudia! I’ve always been fairly health conscious & actually studied nutrition at uni but I had a serious chocolate addiction which of course I knew wasn’t good as well as feeling like I had to rely on a large coffee every morning just to even start looking at my emails. All of that combined with so many intolerances I decided enough was enough especially as my hubby & I were about to start trying for a baby. Thankfully for us we came across a really high quality nutrition system that radically changed our health. It actually stopped my sugar cravings all together & now I enjoy coffee when I feel like it not because I think I need one every morning! I have so much more energy, no more upset tummy and sleep like a log. Plus I feel pregnant & am now 25 weeks and feeling fabulous!!

    Clare xx


  9. replied:

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