opulent minimalism


hi and happy friday (not to mention a happy start of may and spring that’s in full swing)!  i’ve sequestered myself for the past month just to unplug and focus on work with no distractions.


i’ve wanted to have you over to my place and show you what’s been cooking for awhile now. but i’m a perfectionist and home is always a work in progress. add getting to know the new camera, exposures, ratios etc. and it’s a procrastinator’s dream. the final block was that it has had to be done in spare time when the light was right.


but since it will never be perfect, i’ve given all that up and released it to the photographic higher powers. i hope one day to really master the art/science that is photography but these will have to do for now.


i’ve been gearing up for my One King’s Lane Tastemaker Tag Sale and it never seemed ready to shoot even candid stills. well, it’s now or never cause the sale is tomorrow and it’s showtime! welcome to my little versailles/beach house. come on in!


every room has four walls and i’ve indulged my love of all things frenchy and opulent on two of them with a museum wall, desk and small bar where each of the pieces can do double duty. the other two walls are about as plain as can be.


living in miami has given me a new perspective on creating a world that incorporates both the sea and the feminine french furniture i adore.  the collection was inspired by the colors of the ocean, the pearlescent objects she gives us and the ways we transform them into everyday objects.


i started to understand the baroque and rococo even more this month, watching the orchid unfurl, flexing almost like it was competing or playing with the ornate curls in the mirror behind it.


trying to shoot on different days was only good in one way: it forced me to find great, inexpensive flowers! i found that whole foods, new market and publix all have great blooms for around $10. why not have them once a week?


so with being the last day to enjoy everything before the sale launches tomorrow, i’m looking it all over for the last time.


the curiosities, the sea grass, the corals, the luscious shapes and colors. the paintings of the sea, the pearl handle magnifying glass, the carvings on the rococo mirror, and the fibonacci spirals that i now see in everything!


the collection may very well be one of my favorites because it’s full of abalone, sea shells, undulating shapes, strange and vibrant natural colors like turquoise, pink and sea green.


the tiny changes in the air plants and getting to know each item was a real pleasure. everything had a personality and all worked together.


it was living in a magical little world!


but i guess it just means starting again. now all four walls will be blank once again, a brand new canvas. but i’m sure the theme will still be the same…we mermaids love our mother earth, sea, sky and sun so inspiration will never be far!


i hope you have time to come by the OKL sale if you have a chance. i’ll post the link tomorrow. it goes live at 11am.


in the meantime, it’s back to work, i hope you enjoyed the tour and the vignettes!


here are a couple more…


the peonies finally bloomed!


how are you decorating this spring?


photo (5)

more tomorrow! have a great weekend!


ps: home depot has gardenia plants for $5! excuse my naked black buckets…see what i mean about nothing is quite ready? it’s my lesson of the day…let go!


May 2, 2014. Dreams, Life, OKL, One King's Lane, Products, Projects, Summer.


  1. Nikon replied:

    So many gorgeous photos – you certainly have the gift, Claudia!


  2. Jean replied:

    Wow!! Everything is gorgeous. I can’t wait for the sale. It is so great when you can see everything in context, instead of in those photos no plain white. Hope your sale is a big success!


  3. The Paris Apartment replied:

    hi jean! it’s so true and i was procrasting blogging as you now know. but i couldn’t let it go down like that! wish you and the gang were here to enjoy it!


  4. Karena Albert replied:

    Claudia so much luscious beauty in one place, I cannot wait to visit your sale!!
    The Arts by Karena


  5. Mom replied:

    Just beautiful, Claude. I will definitely go to the sale.


  6. Valery Jayne Schweitzer replied:

    I am loving both of the gold ornate mirrors!! Would love to find one or the other or both – they are gorgeous!! –of course the mirror style I am looking the hardest for is one just like or similar to Madame Florians on the top of the vanity desk!! -just stunning and have not seen even close to it!!


  7. Piaf Vintage French replied:

    WOW! Your place is magnificent!! And I’d say you did a darn good job with the camera. I just adore all the vintage details and the very Frenchy look. A woman after my own heart ;) The flowers are also a really beautiful touch. Just glorious!


  8. Cindy replied:

    Claudia your home is FABULOUS!! Love it. So beautiful. Hope the sale is a huge success!!!!


  9. Maryanne Flaherty replied:

    Yes it’s me…… Beautiful Post! You are evolving as time goes by and I like how you are changing but not. More spohistication, things anyone can use in their own home. Good for you, andThanks Claudia!


  10. Clare replied:

    Just stunning! I adore the mermaid vibe you’ve got going on.

    At the moment hubby & I are working on #projectbabyroom but we’re having a boy so I don’t think we’ll have a mermaid theme haha! Maybe sailors instead?

    Clare x


  11. Peggy Braswell replied:

    can’t wait to see the sale on OKL + beautiful photos. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


  12. Bonnie Barton replied:

    These photos take my breath away. Is there a way I can “save” two of them?


  13. Debie Pettry (@mybrocante) replied:

    I needed this beautiful post today. I love that the seashells and flowers echo the Roccoco motifs..or is it the other way around? Opulent minimalism has been my style of late. I needed the light airiness but need gilded things too. Thank you for putting a name on this look.


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