if friends were flowers, i’d pick you



good morning darling friends and happy friday! i hope it’s going to be a great weekend for everyone.



it’s been pretty busy around here but i thought from now on i’d like to start the day right here, with my friends who i adore and admire.



these images are from your blogs of friends who said hello yesterday. before i get on a tear with what i’ve been up to i thought it would be fun to see what you were doing.



thanks for your welcoming comments yesterday, you got me back in the mood to blog. here’s to lots more of our connections with the hope we keep sharing and spreading the joy and beauty of our worlds with each other!

April 25, 2014. Friends.


  1. Valery Jayne Schweitzer replied:

    Hi Claudia- good to see you back.-I thought perhaps you had stopped blogging.– I just went to “Preorder” your newest book about the Paris Apt. time capsule on this site- but am curious before I do– When will it be released? Please let us know- am dying to read it.–Thanks


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      Hi Valery, there is a conflict with the new book at the moment. Macmillan went and published a copycat book so it’s on hold right now.


      • Valery Jayne Schweitzer replied:

        I am reading another right now called the Paris TIme capsule. and there is another out called “A Paris Apartment”- Michelle gable or close to that– I didn’t order it , but the cover is so similar to yours. Is that the one that is a copycat? It was released the 22nd .– I am waiting for yours!! xo..


  2. tessa37 replied:

    having just found your delightful blog, i’m not yet really a “friend.” but hope to become one.



  3. Bungalow Hostess replied:

    Oh thank you for the mention…perhaps a bouquet of flowers will find their way into your French Market basket this weekend. I saw some gorgeous parrot tulips at the market in a bright orange with chartruese tips….I am considering going back and buying a bunch!


  4. The Paris Apartment replied:

    Hi Val, Yes that’s the one!


    • Valery Jayne Schweitzer replied:

      I am enjoying reading it- and also ordered the other one too- and will also read yours- it is such a fun story – & I love dreaming about it and reading other Authors takes on it.–I just wish there was pictures of the real or” imagined” rooms ,& items that were in there- esp the Bedroom — the Bedroom to me would be best one for this Romantic story.– Do you have any pics of bedrooms that you could post pretending that they belonged in that Apartment? {especially her huge ornate bed.} or better yet a pic of the real deal that they had found?–


  5. Nikon replied:

    I love that shot of the white room with the ceiling beam exposed.


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