rites of spring



good morning dear friends. it’s been such a long time since my last post and today was the day to get out of my blogging funk! i just needed time to decompress, disconnect and as timothy leary said, drop out! but with the new season comes a new attitude. not one of obligation or necessity, but one of joie de vivre, hope and dreams! it’s been a tough road the last few weeks but as of now i’m back to work on my masterpiece, life itself. not trying to finish anything but just adding brush strokes to the canvas. as always i’m looking to nature for inspiration so stopped at the very first image on pinterest that caught my eye today. instead of posting a ton of shots,  just looking and studying the one here. the composition and the colors…slowing down and truly observing. i hope your spring has started out sunny and can’t wait to share the season together. i’ve been missing you!

April 24, 2014. Flowers, Friends.


  1. Bego Pereira replied:

    Nice to hear from you again!! Your blog is really nice and exquisite.


  2. Bungalow Hostess replied:

    Good to have you back…lovely flowers!


  3. Sandra replied:

    Welcome Back!


  4. mohillmac replied:

    I missed you, Old Friend!


  5. Merillion replied:

    Been missing You, too! I thought maybe I had another glitch & wasn’t receiving your emails. Happy Spring!


  6. Kirsty replied:

    Happy spring. Nice to have you back!


  7. Shell replied:

    Happy Spring wishes to you and thank you for sharing this bouquet of beauty with us all today. Wishing you a serene Spring. Shell – A Darlings Nest


  8. Nikon replied:

    Beautiful photo, Claudia.
    It’s been a long, cold, dreary Winter – I hope that your spirits continue to soar as Spring advances!


  9. Lee replied:

    gooed to hear from you again


  10. tessa37 replied:

    “…now i’m back to work on my masterpiece, life itself. not trying to finish anything but just adding brush strokes to the canvas.”

    how beautiful. how perfect. what a lovely way to describe living.

    being kind of a collector of quotes… if and when i use this one, i will leave a click-able link back to you, of course.



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