groovin on a sunday afternoon


good morning and happy sunday! how’s your weekend going? i hope things are going well in your world. i’m heading to the flea market to try out my new camera. it’s a lot getting used to all the controls, let alone the exposures, f-stops, focal lengths, aperture, shutter speed and all the things my other cameras didn’t  have.  (at least not on auto  :) anyway it’s time for a real camera and i’m excited to play with it. i’ll take some shots around the house once i get the settings down.


these were trials. this week i’ll be shooting things that are up for sale, vignettes to show how we’re using them in real life. we’re now selling on lots of portals (besides the paris apartment’s boutique) the buttons and links are to the right on the blog side bar. have you been to hunter’s alley? it’s one king’s lane’s sister site and they put together the best features on the web so you can sell, pin, like, favorite, share etc. it’s a lot of fun! next is etsy and of course one king’s lane itself. we have a tastemaker tag sale coming up in the spring, so more about that soon. in the meantime, check out what we’ve been up to!


last but not least, it’s time to announce the winner of last week’s giveaway  for the original book, The Paris Apartment. drumroll…#26, Bridget Boyle. congratulations!  i wish i had more copies to give away. a new one is coming soon so we’ll just have to do it again. thank you for all your sweet comments, they mean a lot to me!


last but not least, i’ve been meaning to get this next giveaway going for quite awhile. the author, jan dolphin, was kind enough to send two editions of her compilation of books called ‘Paris from the Heart’.  they’re lovely paperbacks with great color photos and info on walking tours, day trips and escapades around paris. if you’re interested, leave a comment and we’ll draw TWO winners this week.


IMG_5591 IMG_5594 IMG_5595

well it’s sunny so i better get out there. have a great rest of the weekend, today is just getting started and they days seem to fly by! have fun!

February 16, 2014. Giveaway, Photography.


  1. Nancy flemming replied:

    I love the artwork for the book….hope to win!


  2. Nancy flemming replied:

    I love the artwork for the book….hope I win!


  3. danielle replied:

    missing paris so would love to have this offering of the city I love.


  4. Angela replied:

    Having visited Paris for the first time late last year and with intentions of returning and soon, this would be a great accompaniment. Fingers crossed xx


  5. Emma M replied:

    Can’t wait to check out what’s on etsy! Would love to be entered for the contest as well.
    Looks like a great win!


  6. Kat replied:

    Beautiful graphics they look wonderful! Count me in! Fingers crossed…thank you


  7. brandyinthesky replied:

    Please enter me in the giveaway! It looks like such a fun book! Thanks, ever so! Brandy


  8. Mary Ballard replied:

    Can’t wait to get back to Paris…and take all those fun tours, not to mention going to the Flea Market…Sure hope I win because I want to USE this book!! Love your blog!!!


  9. Carolyn replied:

    I am going to Paris in September….could really enjoy this set of books!


  10. Laurie Schut replied:

    I loved your first book, the paris apartment, which led me to your blog. I hope I can win this lovely new book.


  11. Suzanne Bernadette replied:

    VERY pretty-looking livre! :) Pick me! Pick me! As always, LOVE YOUR e-mail/blog! Heading out for my day, too! Au revoir!


  12. Jody Meza replied:

    These would be perfect for the trip I am planning. Beautiful looking books!


  13. Rita C. (Panoply) replied:

    Ooh! Count me in – looks like great graphics in those little booklets, too! Bring on the fleas – here, there, everywhere!


  14. Anneli replied:

    Oh what a charming book!
    Loving Paris so much and I would really appreciate this!
    I’m not there so often so I try to have much of Paris in my home instead :-)
    Love Your blog!
    Best wishes from Anneli


  15. catherinebrown replied:

    I would love to go to Paris.The art work in the book makes me want to go even more.


  16. MJ replied:

    Ooo-La-La!!! Wouldn’t it be lovely to visit Paris in the springtime?


  17. Ann Wilhelm replied:

    What a great set of books to get to know Paris and the surrounding countryside better…a GREAT adventure! Thanks!


  18. julieheiland replied:

    I was recently in Paris in January and have loved following your blog. It keeps my memories fresh. I loved the flea markets and attended my first Maison et Objet show. Fabulous!


  19. Susan Parks replied:

    Have never been to Paris~ would be a dream to go~ I think the book would be a must!


  20. Susanne replied:

    What a gorgeous set of books. Thank you once again for your fantastic blog! Endless inspiration. xoxo Susanne


  21. Melissa fosberg replied:

    Eeeee! Yes please! Those books look amazing!


  22. Jan Dolphin replied:

    If you aren’t the lucky book winners of “Paris From The Heart”, contact
    me @ and I’ll send out a book to you at a discounted price!!!


  23. Marcia replied:

    PARIS! Love it!!! Would love to win the book set in preparation for my upcoming trip.
    Your photos are beautiful. White is so difficult to photograph but you succeeded beautifully. Can’t wait to see more of your work.


  24. Peggy Braswell replied:

    would love to put my name in the drawing for the book + can’t wait to go to the other sites.


  25. Angela Stewart replied:

    Please count me in for the drawing as well. I could use a little more color in my life since everything outside is white!


  26. Michele !cCoy replied:

    The illustrations look fabulous! I would love to have the books.
    Merci beaucoup!


  27. Carole Bial replied:

    I visit Paris every two years and there is always something new to see or do. The books look beautifully laid out. Hope it’s my name in the drawing.
    Merci beaucoup.


  28. Carol Evans replied:

    I look at your blog to remind me of Paris, I will be enjoying my 30th wedding anniversary this Sept as well as my 75th Birthday, After 8 trips this will probably be my last real view of everything I love about Paris, This book would be a lovely reminder to go along with my celebration.


  29. Tammy replied:

    I just found your site!!! I love it!! I cannot wait to go through everything!!!


  30. Nikon replied:

    Enjoy the new camera, Claudia! The pics of the flowers look great!
    Please put me in for the book contest – thanks!


  31. Natalie N replied:

    What a treat! Happy weekend, thanks for the inspiration :-)


  32. aceekaywa replied:

    Jan’s books are adorable! And just perfect for my next to trip to Paris in May!! Good luck with your camera, I’m “learning” my new camera too.


  33. Jillian replied:

    Wow…rich and vibrant…gorgeous book


  34. Mom replied:

    Ooh, too bad I am not eligible for anything.


  35. Deborah McReynolds replied:

    What a lovely giveaway. I love Paris and would love to relive my visit via this wonderful book.


  36. Christina replied:

    These look scrumptious!!!


    • Karena Albert replied:

      Congrats to Bridget! Paris from the Heart looks wonderful!
      Have a great week Claudia!
      The Arts by Karena


  37. Deatra replied:

    I love peonies in the springtime, Ah oui Paris too! of course. Je T’ aime Pairs anytime. It is always fantastic to hear what others have found out
    about Paris. Sometimes it is just the little places like my favorite restaurant
    Autour du Saumon and my favorite tea shop Mariage Freres. I wish someone had told me about Chez Helene’s before they closed. I bet these
    books are full of all the little tidbits like that. And of course I would love to have it. Thanks


    • Jan Dolphin replied:

      In case you don’t win a book, I can send you out a book or it can be ordered @ www, Good luck!


  38. Kimberle Boggs replied:

    It is my dream to go to Paris, France no matter the weather condition or time of year.
    I would love to curl up on the couch with my faux fur blanket and read “Paris from the heart”


  39. joanny replied:

    a very charming and full of artistic possibilities to enjoy Paris even if only in an armchair while the snow falls silently outside.


  40. Faith Boggio replied:

    Count me in!! I love those books.


  41. dru replied:

    wow, great graphics…


  42. Valerie replied:

    The artwork is simply stunning…I would love to add this book to my collection :) Happy Monday!!


    • Deborah achelles replied:

      My heart is in paris ever since my first visit in 2004 – I couldn’t believe that I was driving through the streets of that beautiful city how coul I be so lucky. Ever since I have a constant yearning to be back and living my dream.
      I love Paris!!!


  43. Ms Anon replied:

    Another giveaway? I can’t keep up! But that’s not the only reason I read your blog. LOL.


  44. Gary replied:

    I stumbled upon your blog through 37 Paddington. I am tossing my hat in for the giveaway because I am going to Paris in July. Wouldn’t it be kismet if I were selected?


  45. Audrey Jescheling replied:

    I am interested! Love your blog. Thank you


  46. Mari Rosa replied:

    Have never been to Paris, but it is on my bucket list…love your blog!!


  47. blanketknows replied:

    Those books are gorgeous!


  48. Tania C replied:

    Not sure if I am eleigible here in Australia, but I would love to win this gorgeous set! They would be a perfect gift for my mother who will be visiting Paris for the first time in September. Bon chance!


    • Jan Dolphin replied:

      Hi Tania, If you don’t win the book, please contact me @ or and
      we can get a copy to you – we’ll check out the freight which
      I imagine could be pretty high. I know that in Bondi Beach they
      were being sold in a store there – let me know what your interests are and I’ll follow through. Thanks so much, Jan Dolphin


  49. Carter Kelly replied:

    This book may be the only way I will ever see Paris! And if I already replied this time, that would be one of the reasons I’d need to stay home and just READ about the City of Lights!!


  50. Jan Dolphin replied:

    The book should be available in the Paris Boutique soon or it can also be ordered


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