the only good thing about winter


wait, is there anything good about winter? oh yes, right…shots of paris all wrapped up in sleet and snow! bonjour dear friends. it’s even cold here in miami so i thought we could share some gorgeous pictures of our favorite city when she’s chilly and imagine the roaring fires, the scents wafting through the apartments and the happiness it is to arrive home after trudging through a long day!


sorry i’m a day late for yesterday’s giveaway but joseph convinced me to play hooky and since my new motto is why postpone joy? i was obligated to take a mini road trip and enjoy the day.


(not sure what the credit is for this one, it looks super old and is one of my eternal faves)

8dc209414be7bb4c9524f8daf65ccf0d (if you love wintery paris photos check out this site)

everything else took a back seat.


Robert Doisneau-La tour Eiffel sous la neige, Paris, 1960s

new note to self: don’t set dates and deadlines and then there’s no pressure!



anyway we’ll do both giveaways right now! the first will be for the magazine. and the random number generator is…#17!


congratulations, janice and i’ll contact you directly for your email. i hope you enjoy it. next is the wordbirds book via random number generator the winner is…


#2, that’s margaret! again congrats and will get the addy from you offline!

so it’s the start of a fresh new week and our giveaway today comes from the girl’s guide to paris who is offering a 3 month subscription to their online magazine! it’s a beautiful publication and is full of great stories and ideas. you can get a sneak peek here:

to win the subscription just enter a note in the comments and we’ll draw the winner on monday. (yes i’m going to make this deadline)! till then stay warm and bonne nuit!

January 8, 2014. Giveaway, Paris.


  1. Dayle Brenner replied:

    Leave it to you to find the beauty in this arctic freeze Claudia… Salud, xoxo


  2. Tiffany L replied:

    I’m in love with your blog. I can’t wait until the kids are all tucked in and the house is quiet. That’s when I curl up in bed and finish the hectic day by reading and looking at all the beautiful photos you post. I pretend, if only for a minute or two, that im there. Keep up the great work! ;-)


  3. Susanne replied:

    Thank you… your posts are a source of endless inspiration and beauty! xo


  4. Ruth replied:

    I have always loved snow, especially in cities. But Paris, c’est magnifique, belle, et comme une étoile dans un monde de blanc….Merci!


  5. Peggy Braswell replied:

    ahh. those photos of snow are stunning! cold in miami? can you hear me clapping for the winners?


    • Chandra replied:

      Serene beauty…perfection! Tres bien 😘


  6. kimberlyglenn1234 replied:

    y’all make me want to travel to Paris and go to cooking classes!!


  7. Judi replied:

    Love the photos you selected – I am going to go dig deeper to find more! “Girls Guide to Paris – Et Plus” looks great!


    • Judi replied:

      Meant to add that we must think alike as we have a reproduction of your “fave” photo hung in our bathroom. I looked to see if there was a name but no luck. Maybe there’s a credit on the back but the photo/frame is way too large and heavy for me to lift off and look!! I’ll let you know if I can get my husband to lift it off for a peak!


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      oh good, let us know when you do!


  8. Brenda hayes replied:

    I love your blog! Been wanting to go to Paris for many years now. I’m a hairdresser and a dear friend of mine and I are planning a trip. Passports are in hand, just waiting to save some cash. That’s hard when both of us are raising grand kids, BUT we ARE gonna get there!!!! Keep on blogging!


  9. JudyinFrance replied:

    Paris is my favorite city. I love the photos of the snow. I once lived in Paris and it was glorious until it melted. Thanks


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      so true! i was slushing through arctic, snowy paris at this time last year. this is all about the fantasy of it~ NOT the reality!


  10. Penny replied:

    love receiving your posts! they make me smile!


  11. DuskoandJelena Drljaca replied:

    Love the pictures of Paris they just transport me each time I read your articles. Looking forward to going back in the near future but until then
    Thank You for the virtual travels. I would so love the Girls Guide to Paris and let the party begin!!


  12. Donna Klein replied:

    Love the photos, the one trip I took to Paris was holiday time. Beautiful.


  13. MJH Design Arts replied:

    I love Paris any time and in any weather. Love these photos-especially from mid to high 70s Los Angeles.


  14. Sandy @ You May Be Wandering replied:

    I wouldn’t mind the cold nearly as much if I could be in Paris! Thank you for sharing these beautiful images!!


  15. Sue replied:

    Trust the French to make even cold and dreary look so inviting. That one photo, the slightly faded, with the frayed edge of the Eiffel in the distance is so enchanting. I hear Edith Piaf when i gaze at it. I feel the chill of the air and I think of Pierre or Claude waiting for me in our apartment with wine and chocolate and some freshly baked bread. Mmmmmm.


  16. Mary S replied:

    Love the blog. It’s beautiful and I enjoy reading it. I really liked this week’s post as I am currently in the desert southwest part of the country.


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      it’s such a blessing that we can transport ourselvels virtually to anywhere in the world at any time!


  17. eleni replied:

    beautiful & magical Paris avec ou sans la neige!


  18. Stacey L. Lacik replied:

    My daughter and I love your blog….she’s a freshman in college hoping to go to France when she’s a junior, as part of her program at school. The pictures are beautiful!


  19. Emma M replied:

    Would love to be entered to win. I always love the giveaways you do! Fingers crossed….


  20. Martina Boyce replied:

    Would cheer me wonderfully to win….please


  21. cornucopiaofbeautifulthings replied:

    Reblogged this on Cornucopia of Beautiful Things Blog and commented:
    I interrupt my flower posts with this repost by The Paris Apartment…I hope these photos feel as good to you as they did to me! I loved looking at ALL of these photos. ENJOY!


  22. Virginia Weathersby replied:

    I love Paris in the springtime….winter, summer, and fall! Thank you for all the great information and photos. You are an inspiration.


  23. Malmerk replied:

    Dont Worry, Snow is amazing. Only you need is warm clothes and warm shoes.


  24. Rebecca Grace replied:

    Ooh, that first photo made me GASP! What is it about Paris that is so special and magical? It’s just the perfect setting for any story; you feel like ANYTHING could happen there. Thanks for sharing these pictures; they stirred up lots of great memories.


  25. Kat replied:



  26. Carol L. Evas replied:

    I will be traveling to Paris for the 7th time this year to celebrate an anniversary and birthday, I would love to see the magazine to see if I would like to subscribe.


  27. La Chanta replied:

    Just discovered your gem of a blog/website, although I own both of your books!! Keep up the great work of presenting the beauty that is Paris!


  28. Mom replied:

    So glad you blogged Paris in the snow. So romantic.


  29. Linda replied:

    Love your blog and the pictures are divine…so evocative of our favorite city!


  30. chatelaine08 replied:

    Love your new motto! What a great way to live. I am sure if I lived in Paris I would not mind the snow or cold. It makes everything look even more magical if that is possible. Of course, Boston is not too shabby either.


  31. Allyson replied:

    It is my dream to live in Paris one day, me and my two little Pugs. Love your site!


  32. Susan Thompson replied:

    Beautiful photography! Is there a print version? This may be the time that I at least try an online version. Paris in the snow – marvelous! Thank you


  33. Lisa Palazzolo Harris replied:

    Beautiful images!!


  34. glimpsecreations replied:

    Beautiful photos. I love Paris in the snow!


  35. Jakira Torres replied:

    Beautiful photos of Paris in the snow! Makes you want to run around and roll on the ground. Lol.


  36. Ms Anon replied:

    Peter Turnley took a similar view of the third photo in 1991.


  37. Maria replied:

    Those photos make me like winter
    I love your style
    You have exquisite taste


  38. susan replied:

    I just returned from Paris in Jan/Feb where I went to celebrate my birthday with a friend who also has a January birthday. We both are former french teachers and have been to Paris and all over France many times during our lives. We followed Jan’s Paris from the Heart walking tours and were constantly amazed at how wonderful the places were and the same for the shopping and restaurants. We honestly had the best time ever and I can’t wait to get some more copies of her books to give to anyone going to Paris. People were asking us in restaurants how they could buy them. She did an amazing job and au chapeau to her…. Hat’s off for those who don’t know a lot of french. susan


    • Ruth replied:

      It’s nice to know that there are others who love Paris like I do! I go alone but do have a visitor or two. I frankly, love my time alone! I’ll be there soon….


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