‘life is a banquet’ -auntie mame



“…and most poor suckers are starving!” well, that’s what she said! i have to admit after the holidays i’ve done anything but starve but that’s slowly changing thankfully!  allo et bon saturday! this has got to be what’s considered ‘the middle of winter’. it’s even bleak here in miami and i’m wearing an irish sweater, cozy socks and a blanket around my shoulders! it’s the kind of day that makes me want to nest and enjoy some down time without the pressure to be out and about.

google images 2

have you been keeping any of your new year’s resolutions? i’m trying to remember if i made any…oh right, to enjoy life more. my new regime is to stop mult- tasking and focus on one thing at a time. for me that means a little work, a little blogging, a little pinterest, some nap time, some outdoor time and a nosh throughout the day instead of all at once.



it got me thinking of my new obsession: food! they way we as a culture look at it, somehow we’re a little out of touch with it and how it affects us, what to eat, how much…wondering why we are bloated, acidic or even anemic. well i do anyway and this year i’m vowing to really think about what i’m putting in this little temple.



the shots above were reminders that we can eat lavishly or eat sparsely as long as we eat well! just like a the way we set table top, it doesn’t take much to enjoy rich delicious, nourishing food.



personally i switched from coffee to tea with no milk and have seen a big improvement already around my waistline.



i love a hot meal and long for eggs in the morning. i found these recipies that actually answer the questions, what should i eat for breakfast today and



will it help me look better in a bikini?



liz got a bullet and has been making smoothies and soups. i adore all sorts of pureed veggies so i’m definitely putting that on the list next time i head out.



i’ve kind of cut out bread at the moment (can’t last forever)! but love the shot above and the website is great. finally, i’m not really a vegetarian or vegan but am intrigued by the healthy lifestyle. there is a lot to consider besides what meat to have on the plate each night! below are some veggie recipies i’d like to try:



and just for our notes:


well, i’m getting hungry and do have a rendezvous so i better get to stepping. you can find a bunch of delicious pins and ideas here: pinterest.com/parisapartment/delicious

on one final note, it’s such fun to do giveaways and as i mentioned in the last post, i have so many that i haven’t been keeping up with and am making january the official month of the lotto!


i was sent this book to review and it’s just adorable. the author has a great sense of humor and it’s full of her play on words and sweet illustrations. if you’d like to win a copy just leave a comment and we’ll draw on tuesday.



and that’s a wrap. i’ll actually be on time if i leave right now so tout à l’heure and have a great saturday night!

January 4, 2014. Food, Life.


  1. Sue replied:

    Beautiful post once more. I do not call myself a vegetarian, however, I hardly choose to eat meat anymore. One of my favourite meals is sweet potato soup with black beans. It’s so satisfying! Make sure to squeeze in a healthy dose of fresh lime juice after the soup has been plated.

    I love wordplay, this little book looks delightful. Have you heard of wordporn? Strange name but a great source of new words to sprinkle throughout the day.

    My new favourite, which is a feeling that never had a name for me.

    Saudade. (n.) a nostalgic longing to be near again to someone or something that is distant or has been loved and then lost; “the love that remains”.

    Pronunciation sau-“da-dE

    Isn’t that beautiful.

    Have a wonder filled day.

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hi sue, that soup sounds delicious! i’ll have to try it once i get the bullet! as for the word play, that’s a pretty word. i’m a bit obsessed with words for feelings and ideas we don’t have in english. i guess that’s how words are born.

  2. Emily replied:

    Beautiful post. It makes me hungry – sigh! The little book sounds delightful. Happy New Year!

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      me too! i ate a ton of vegetables today and no sugar except a little honey in my tea. i feel thin for the first day in…years, i think!

  3. Suzan replied:

    Happy Happy New Year…. Just my kind of book, love birds…everything that has to do with birds, they make me dream and take me to the sky and back…. thanks for all of your interesting posts… An American in the south of France, “the little house on the canal” I would love to do a blog on this one day…. :-)

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      oh suzan, just the thought of your little house on the canal stirs the imagination! i hope you DO start a blog about it!

  4. thetravelingpear replied:

    Enjoy each and every day to it’s fullest! Love all the beautiful inspirational photos. The book looks brilliant. Enter me to win… pretty please :-)

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      i agree and don’t want to let the days just blend into each other and hope to make each one something to remember!

  5. Kathryn Thompson replied:

    Oh my, what a beautiful post. Such glorious photos. I agree about resolving to enjoy life more! I’m working on eating more simply, and am desperate now to eat eggs with mushrooms, spinach and vine ripened tomatoes. I was happy to discover your blog this morning. Best wishes.

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      yum! a friend and i got a ton of spinach and sauteed it with mushrooms and onions. all alone was fantastic! next time i’ll add the tomatoes.

  6. Georgianna replied:

    Hi Claudia, Thank you so much for featuring my photo! And your post is so timely. Starting a new year with sensible, creative choices that will fuel all our creative endeavors with a fresh, pure perspective. Happy New Year! G

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hi georgianna, great to hear from you. i agree that each choice should be a mindful one. i adore your photos and am looking forward to our upcoming collaboration!

  7. iseewhatyousay replied:

    Loving the contrast in the two table settings, and yes, simple or extravagant, it’s important to eat well… sometimes we can all get lazy. Life is meant to be savored. I just sent my neighbor a contrast of treats — Black Bean Dip (the kind you bake in the oven) and the butter crescent cookies that my Mom always baked around the holidays. I’m in the mood for sharing food.

    Thanks for sharing these thoughts and pictures today, just what I needed to enjoy with my coffee. ~~ Michele

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      thanks for stopping by, michele. i’m with you, whether it’s opulent or sparse decor, the food doesn’t have to be!

  8. Sandie replied:

    Thank you for another beautiful moment. I love to see your post while I am going through my day to day emails. Your pictures are precious and the descriptions are sweet. Thank you so much! Will you enter my name to win the beautiful bird book please?
    ‘au revoir

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hi sandie, that means a lot to me! going into people’s emails is a really personal thing and i would hate to send something that was intrusive so thank you! your name is in the hat!

  9. londonlight replied:

    Love!!!! That dinning room scene would be a dream to photograph :)

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      i’d love to see what you’d shoot in that room. i know each photographer sees something different and you’d definitely have your own spin on it!

  10. Pamelakat replied:

    I was craving to indulge in a certain type of imagery – googled “The Paris Apartment” – and there was your blog. Beautiful! I will be a follower now. And maybe I’ll win a book? Thank you!

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      well if that’s not serendipity i don’t know what is! glad you’re here and you’re officially entered for the drawing!

      • Pamelakat replied:

        I meant to add that I have had your book for years, and just love leafing through it. This was the reason I even thought to google “Paris Apartment”. You have had the biggest influence on the way I decorate my home, and I just love your take on life as well.

  11. Laurie Schut replied:

    Love funny books on social,culture, especially making fun of etiquette. I’d love this book.

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      you nailed it. she seems to have a really intelligent and funny way about her slant on american culture.

  12. Mom replied:

    Lucky me!
    I love the rose-filled dining table. LOL

  13. Coque212 replied:

    Your post inspired me. New resolution: to eat beautifully as well as healthily. I’ve enjoyed reading Liesl Schillinger’s many reviews in the NY Times and other places, so I’m sure I’ll love her book. If I don’t win, I’ll buy it!

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      tha’s such a pretty way to put it. i hope it sticks and the good news is that every meal is another chance to eat it just the way you want!

  14. Peggy Braswell replied:

    I am trying(emphasis on that word “trying”) to eat more spinach,tomatoes, kale + to cut out milk from tea + just to eat more simply. I adore all things to do with birds + a play on words + congrats to the winner of that glorious book. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hi peggy, it’s a struggle in a way isn’t it? we have so many choices in this country it’s easy to succumb to what we crave and or are used to. i struggle between the coffee and the green tea but knowing i can always have the bad one later has been making it easier to go for the healthy choice first.

  15. kat replied:

    Hello, the book looks cute and quaint. I am a vegetarian. Lover of all animals, wasnt always one though. Took me awhile, but I have been almost three years now. Ive lost pounds, feel so much better, mentally and physically. I did not know all about the food we eat either. Research, One great place with doctor input, Forks Over Knives. AWESOME! So full of information. My feeling is, being vegetarian, not for everyone, but, if we all listen to our bodies, and do our research, and are open to consider other lifestyles and foodie changes, we win. Really. Lovely post, thank you and please add me to the mix for this sweet book! I am also a bookworm! lol kat =^.^=

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hi kat, that sounds like a great book, i love the title and will definitely check it out. what we eat is such a personal thing, a choice and a joy but our culture seems to be so out of touch with our food. i was watching Haute Cuisine with my dad the other day and they chose a menu from the loire valley with all the traditions and local favorites. it was an extraordinary menu! i wish we had a bit more gourmet in our society’s food. maybe that would make it easier to choose food we truly love instead of what’s habit.

  16. Judi replied:

    Beautiful photos – want to get those veggie recipes, too! The word book is fascinating… maybe I will get lucky!

  17. Your Cottage White replied:

    Claudia, You come up with the most amazing, inspiring photos. I love seeing your post, thank you. Miss you tons, Barb

  18. Janice replied:

    A thought provoking post, and one that I will refer to often. The book looks like a fun read and just my style-open it and see what there is to read.

  19. Joan replied:

    I really enjoy and anticipate your blog :) it makes me happy and I sometimes feel you are inside my head. Haha which only means you connected to the super highway :)
    Southern girl raised by “Tony” from West Side Story ;)

  20. suzana rose borlovan replied:

    A great thought on food in this blog, we take food for granted most days and only filling an empty belly isn’t always satisfying the soul.

  21. Nikon replied:

    What a collection of photos. You have such an eye for beauty!

  22. arod replied:

    Happy New Year

  23. dllandgraf replied:

    Thanks for the wise words and the opportunity to win such a fantastic book. I love your blog and your writing style! Thanks so much for sharing the bits and pieces of your life!

  24. Ann replied:

    I so want to win. I have just read about this on Amazon and it is a must have. Thanks for all of your posts. They never cease to make me smile and think about what is important.


  25. Violet Pearl replied:

    Happy, Happy New Year! Your photos in this post are both restful and inspiring. I love the simple glass plates and bottles of water in shadow. So much space to work with in this. The little book on words sounds truly delightful, too. I can a game with wordplay being played very thoughtfully across this quiet table in the photo, while the snow falls softly outside.

  26. Clare replied:

    Seems we are on the same page! I’ve actually been on an eating plan for a few months now which is mostly organic with plenty of superfoods and the change has been phenomenal. I’ve never had a weight problem but my hubby lost 9 kg in 3 months and is building lean muscle mass, I sleep better now, have stacks more energy & mental clarity, clearer skin, faster recovery from exercise, no more bloated, sore tummy, the list goes on! It’s crazy how much our diet truly affects us. I’ll never look back now.

    Clare x

  27. Barbara Bell replied:

    You might want to look at a Paleo diet, instead of vegetarian. Or a modified vegetarian, in which you eat fish, or eggs, etc. I started a GF paleo diet right after Thanksgiving and I really see a difference in how I feel. Plus it’s fun to challenge my cooking skills.

    I’d love to find that little book in my stocking, even if it’s after Christmas!

  28. Rebecca Grace replied:

    Ooh, please enter me in the drawing! My son is fascinated by unusual words and their origins and I think he would really enjoy this one. Good luck with your resolutions. As for me? I resolve to make some resolutions, eventually… when I get around to it. ;-) Happy New Year!

  29. Ellen Wojdyla replied:

    All looks delish. I am a soup eater, so I will check out your soup link. I’d also loved to be put in the drawing if it isn’t too late. Thank you! ~Ellen
    P.S. My NY resolution is to re-invent myself, no boundarires, no fear, lots of courage. Wish me luck.

  30. Suzanne Fortescue replied:

    Thanks for lovely images and laid back yet intentional approach to the New Year. Want to try some of those recipes and read that lovely book!

  31. Emily Charlotte replied:

    Beautiful pictures, I absolutely love your blog.
    I’ve given up refined sugar this year and have only been eating plant based/raw meals for the past month. Everytime I go to Paris it is very hard to find vegetarian/ vegan restaurants. Perhaps you could do a post on that one day?
    I recently wrote about vegan and veggie places in San Francisco and Byron bay. I write a fashion/travel blog, would love it if you checked it out.
    But keep up the beautiful blog!! xx


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