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good morning everyone and happy monday with a special shout out to all the vetrans (my dad and brothers included) who have worked to protect our way of life so that we can choose to do whatever it is we want, all day every day.


i’m starting the week off for the first time in a very long while with no deadlines, targets or obligations, self imposed or otherwise. it’s a great feeling, one that i want to savor and decide which way to take my brand and in fact, my entire life.


i spent (too much) time on pinterest last night looking though the beautiful images. they never have a pattern while you’re pinning but once you look them over in the morning light there’s always a thread or two that can be loomed.


today that weave was one of openness…the idea that infinite potenital is in any place we look for it.



that there is magnificence in everyday objects we often take for granted.194643342602c07c7ac108707e7502d4twogirlsonaworldtrip.blogspot.com

it’s in the hand of a fine linen



in the spines of old books



thae handiwork of our fore sisters

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 11.39.13 AM


the fur of a kitten8a98946b42b5e4b121058e2f6e43dddemordmardok.tumblr.com

the mystery of nature


or the elegance of others

today i’m starting with the phrase, ‘this is the first day of the rest of your life’. my grandmother had that plaque hanging on her kitchen wall and now i’m channeling her. what does the future hold? where can i help most and what is my purpose? these are questions we all ask, and for the first itme ever i feel like i can direct the ship. and with an open horizon, what will fill the next chapter?



i hope to create, grow, recapture my inner child! and make the world a little better each day. what will this day bring? guess we’ll see…i’m out the door now to find out. have a wonderful week!

November 11, 2013. Life.


  1. Julie in Provence replied:

    What a great way to start the week. Here’s to beautiful places and new discoveries and lots of fun!


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hi julie, i can see the very first thing i’m going to go is say hello to my fellow bloggers and check up on what they’ve been doing. i miss the friendship we all share and am happy to be back and see you here!


  2. Sue replied:

    As always a beautiful post, though provoking, and yet a visual extravagance. Thanks for giving me exactly what I needed this morning.


  3. Peggy Braswell replied:

    honoring our ancestors with gratitude + way to go, girl! happy monday to you xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      oh peggy, you are always there to encourage me. i treasure our bloggers’ friendship and hope we meet in person one day so i can give you a giant hug!


  4. Nancy Flemming replied:

    One of your many gifts is your eloquence. Your ability to share opens people’s eyes to the beauty around them, and is something that comes so easily to you that perhaps you do not realize what an extraordinary gift that is that you give to others. I hope your next steps are rewarding. Your new home’s vistas will allow you much calm contemplation. I live on the water and the tides and natural flow really have taught me some calming insights.
    Best of luck to you and thank you for your beautiful blog.


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hi nancy, i truly appreciate that. i guess we don’t see ourselves the way others sometimes do and it’s incredible to read your thoughts and observations. i wonder if YOU know how your beautiful your gifts are, i went to your website and see how much you do for the animals who need guardian angels like you!


  5. Rebecca Grace replied:

    I know what you mean about getting out from under the (mostly self-imposed) deadlines and the stress they create. Also about Pinterest — that’s what I love about that tool, that you can randomly pin anything that catches your fancy and then later, when you go back and look through those boards, you notice some of the same themes, colors, textures, and styles popping up again and again and suddenly you go from staring at a blank sheet of paper to knowing EXACTLY what you want to create.

    Best of luck to you, on whatever path you travel, and may you find peace, joy, and beauty along the way.


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hey rebecca, i finally got a chance to stop by chez vous! love what you’re up to! as for pinterest, i’m so glad to have like minded, obsessive compulsive friends who totally ‘get it’ cause the ones who don’t look at me like i’m nuts. for those who knows, it’s the perfect place to pluck inspiration out of the ether like ripe fruit! thank you for your good wishes, so beautifully said!


  6. Mom replied:

    loved the blog – as usual LOL


  7. Karena Albert replied:

    Dear Claudia such lovely thoughts and images!! I to am taking every day and making the very most of it that I can in my own way!

    Feature: “House Proud”


  8. Irene replied:

    Oh, you too! Lovely post and remember that phrase!


  9. MJH Design Arts replied:

    Thank you for this mornings inspiration—my life is turning a new page this week. We’ll see where the path leads–open to all that might arrive. Have a glorious week.


  10. Heidi replied:

    Ahhhhhh pinterest, what would life be without it!
    We had some friends over for dinner and after a couple of beers the husband said” I saw on pinterest the other day” boom busted! He covered his mouth and said did I just say that!


  11. Nikon replied:

    Fabulous picks as always, Claudia. I really love the statue with the spider web.


  12. Clare replied:

    That phrase has been popping up in my life a lot lately – it’s the first day of the rest of your life. xx


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