the final countdown


good morning dear friends! it’s a brand new day, another that’s full of potential.


moving day is less than 24 hours away and there’s a bit of a ‘to do’ list to conquer.


i could hit the ground running but thought i’d change it up by coming here first instead of continually postponing blogging and only getting to it when there was nothing left on my plate to do.


fact is that there will always be something left to do so why postpone joy?

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 9.47.40 AM

in the meantime, i thought i’d do a quick search for balcony ideas on pinterest since my new one is completely bare and has the possibility to become absolutely anything.

House in the catalan village of Sant Isicle Spain.

i hope to be working outside with the girls instead of staring at a white wall like we have in the past!

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 9.57.12 AM


and we all know a place doesn’t have to be huge to have an enormous impact!


i don’t have a ton of time this am but am going to pull a few things i came across just now in the encyclopedia of pinterest. so i started a new board: balconies!


hope you enjoyed it and are making your little outdoor space a feathered nest this summer no matter what the size!



ok, back to to work!

August 13, 2013. Gardening.


  1. Jean replied:

    Ha ha! I just saw that balcony desk yesterday while looking for a birthday present for Colin, and I thought it looked so cool!

    Good luck moving!


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hi jean, no way! it’s soooo col! (my bro if you don’t know)
      karena just asked me to ask you where pray tell?!


      • Jean replied:

        Here’s the link. I’m not entirely sure you can buy it in the US, but it was on a link of cool gadget gifts for men, so I assume it is possible.


  2. Karen Albert replied:

    Claudia now you know we all want to know where that patio desk is available!! How cool!

    Moving is so much work, I can tell you are making a good time of it though!

    2013 Designer Series!


  3. Paul replied:

    Beautiful photos. I love the mini balconies with their inventive decorating.
    Cozy yet airy, so nice to look at!


  4. Peggy Braswell replied:

    Moving is so much work, I can say that because I have moved. The up side of moving-it can make you clean out! Patio’s are beautiful. I know your’s will be lovely!


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      no matter how much i pare down i’m like…there’s so much stuff…and so not. it’s weird. i only want the best of the basics!


  5. Rebecca Grace replied:

    “there will always be something left to do so why postpone joy” — that sounds so delightfully French to me, the difference between Americans racing through drive-throughs, racing through life, and Parisians who make time to stop and sit down in a cafe to enjoy real food and conversation with a friend.

    Good luck with your move, Claudia. We all look forward to seeing what you do with your new living space!


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hi rebecca, it’s true! i had a sit down lunch with ellen, candy and liz last week and it was beyond indulgent just to take time together. good friends ang good food = heaven!


  6. Clare replied:

    I love all of these! Not long till Spring for me & I’ll be decorating my verandah for sure. I’m sure I’ll be spending most of my free time out there.

    C x


  7. vickiarcher replied:

    Hope the moving went well Claudia… and you are not too exhausted… It is a big job however you look at it… :)

    Coming over soon?? xv


  8. pixelrites replied:

    Many thanks for the inspiration … Today I visited the North Sydney Produce Markets and bought a Jasmine to put on my balcony. I got my hands dirty tidying up the others potted plants that have just been sitting there. Watered everything and gave the balcony a good sweep and wash. It seems much happier now.x


  9. Lisa replied:

    Thank you for the inspiration. Made me want to find a nice cafe and just sit, read one of my fashion mags, and sip an lemonade.


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