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good morning and happy monday! it feels like forever since i’ve had a chance to sit down and say hello. truth is it’s only been two weeks but it feels like i’ve been around the world and back. i’ve been thinking about you and your summer a lot and hope you’re having a great one! it’s not over officially till september 21st so we still have over a month to go! personally, i’m pretending i’m at summer camp, my building is being sold and it feels like the last days of school around here.


i was supposed to head out to paris this fall but cancelled the trip at the last minute. i have to move and that has been taking up all my time and energy. luckilly i found my new home and will be relocating both home and office on wednesday!


i’ve only seen the new place at what feels like a glance but will take lots of pics once i get fully immersed. i sold most of my stuff when i thought i was heading overseas for a couple months so it will be very zen living. i was excited to roam europe without an end date but i think i’ll be ok comitting to my new place.

RH-1308-Cover.qxp (Page 1)

it’s been a busy summer for press and i just wanted to take a minute to thank all the people who have been so supportive of what’s been going on with TPA. first of all, thank you to romantic homes for this wonderful article about my french flea market book.


the august issue is a keeper, it’s all about the best flea markets and is filled with places on my bucket list all over the usa.



it may be hard to find the issue now cause it’s august and my parents had to get it online. if you find one, nab it!


i also wanted to thank the crew at luxe magazine for including me as a style maker in their summer issue.

resized Luxe PAge 1

resized luxe page 2

it feels a little weird posting this but hey, it’s a log, right? i have to have something to reminisce over when i’m old(er)!

anyway i better get back to packing. with the demolition on either side of my apartment and the workers out the window finishing the new builiding across the way it’s like being in the actual construction zone. i can’t wait to leave. my mantra: two more nights. hope you have a wonderful week!

ps Romantic homes just emailed that they’ll send two more copies so if you want one let me know!

August 12, 2013. Life.


  1. Karena replied:

    Dear Claudia,
    So great to hear of your new home and office, that view!!
    Congratulations on all off the superb press; well deserved! You look gorgeous of course! Looking forward to the progress on your new abode!

    Feature:Designer Barry Dixon


  2. Peggy Braswell replied:

    What fabulous press for you + your new place looks wonderful + can’t wait to see what you will do. xx


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hi peggy! great to see you here i missed you! i’m going to enjoy the open space to do lots of yoga and dancing!


  3. MJH Design Arts replied:

    Hi Claudia, All new fresh start. Best of luck for Wednesday. The view from your new pied-a-terre is gorgeous!


  4. Rebecca Grace replied:

    Ooh, I’d love to have a copy if you have an extra! It sounds like a fantastic issue, and I haven’t seen it on the newsstands near me. You know, when the lottery was at $400M last week, my husband and I were having our fantasy “what-will-we-do-if-we-win” conversation over a bottle of wine… I said that FIRST we make the owners of our dream home an offer they can’t refuse, and THEN we hire Claudia to help us fill the house with treasures from the Paris Fleas! Unfortunately, the schmuck at the convenience store sold me defective lottery tickets with all the wrong numbers printed on them… ;-)


  5. Dayle Brenner replied:

    So beautiful Claudia! You just keep getting more fab with every endeavor, bringing your vision to a new level. So in awe of you, GF… Happy ttrails in the digs, xoxo


  6. Paul E. Stolle (@P_stolle) replied:

    Beautiful photos, I really love the one of you in the magazine pic!


  7. Lisa Palazzolo Harris replied:

    Love all of the press you are getting!! You deserve every bit, you are so talented. I always look forward to new posts.


  8. Clare replied:

    Congrats on all the fabulous press! You look amazing by the way!

    I look forward to the pics of the new space and your decorating. I’ve just landed back home in Oz after a 5 week trip in South America so I’m sure the redecorating bug will hit me again soon…

    Clare x


  9. Rhonda replied:

    Oh Claudia, congratulations on all the wonderful publications! You inspire me like no other. That picture of you on the sofa is incredible. LOVE IT

    I so look forward to meeting you when you come to Phoenix, I have it booked and hopefully I can meet you in person. I’m so excited!!

    Happy moving, although we both know there is no such thing, lol


  10. Shelly Gregory replied:

    I am so happy for you and your continued success! The photo of you is so fabulous! I actually can’t think of the right word to describe it!! It’s so richly dreamy, sophisticated, successful, and a whole lot more!! I pray your move is easy, and the transition is peaceful, even if most times it proves to not be so. Never hurts to keep hoping!!!


  11. senjiva replied:

    I’m looking forward to getting the new book. I have read the Paris Apartment book about a zillion times and am about to consult it again because I, too, am moving my office this month! Best wishes for all your adventures in life and style!!!


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