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i must have been absent that day


allo mes chères!  i hope you’re having a great night. it’s pretty quiet here for the first time in a long while so i’m finally sitting down to write. i’m not sure how my latest obsession started but it’s got me hooked. isn’t it weird when you discover something that everyone else seems to know about? maybe it’s OCD or maybe i just needed to get out of my own head tonight but an ancient concept has captivated me for the past couple hours. it’s known as the ‘fibonacci spiral’, and i’ve only skimmed the surface. as i’m winding down i just read that it’s become about religion or evolution and there are even comments on blogs that are almost angry with its existence. anyway i adore it and  hope you enjoy my little unbiased observations of it!

i seem to be the odd woman out but i’ll try to explain what i’ve gathered. it’s a principle known as the fibonacci numbers, also known as the golden ratio, golden mean, sacred geometry and phi. it’s both simple and complicated  but basically it’s a geometry term used when a spiral grows outward in perfect proportion mathematically. it can be used to observe everything from a flower to a galaxy. it was a concept brought to life by italian mathemetician, leonardo de pisa fibonacci in 1175.


i’m not sure  i can truly express its depth so below is a quick overview on TED:

‪GOLDEN RATIO Renaissance: TEDxEast Talk by Matthew Cross‬

or if you’d rather see a kid explain it, this one really knows her stuff:


i’ve always been obsessed with spirals and my prized possession is my shell collection. what about you?

i find the whole concept fascinating and it’s opened a new world of exploration and contemplation.



not only does it point to mathematics in everything from nature to art and the human form


but it’s been philosophized about since ancient greece


maybe we’re walking on a giant spiral every day between man’s creations,

unexplained phenomena,

the earth’s rotations,


and our own dna


spirals spirals spirals!

and our ancient ancestors were fascinated with spirals too! some of the things i stumbled on said they were in touch with cosmic forces that could generate energy and move objects in ways we can’t conceive


tribes like the hopi indians, sioux, and incas have spirals in their history and on early cave drawings


what was going on?

Atlati Rock, NV flickr-rwolf



well whatever it is about spirals, i can’t get enough

i didn’t find any hidden meaning in all of this, but i did come away with a sort of universality that was kind of comforting. maybe there is some rhyme and reason to the world, not just mad chaos. maybe through spiral power we can see we’re all exactly alike. maybe even a whole that united could change the world!

well that’s enough from me tonight. time for bed. sweet dreams!