parents just don’t understand


hello all, it’s been a long time! i guess the weeks have flown by since i’ve been able to blog and maybe that’s just part of summer. if i can  find a way slow down time i’ll let you know! in the meantime, i’ve been working hard to get ready for a move and my next trip. i always start the season with family time and this year it was to celebrate my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.

of course they wanted to have a celebration so a garden party was in order. mom and dad did the hardest part, repairing the house they’ve had for over 40 years which is close to 150 years old. they worked on everything from the roof to the gazebo, the porch, cushions, windows, stairs and doors.  they painted and stained and sealed, hammered and sewed and sowed. a couple days before the party my nephew adam and i came to help and together we  happily took orders cleaning and weeding and planting and tenting, decorating and cleaning up once it was all over. our family and friends were there and it was a smashing success. there are a just couple of slides mom found from their wedding day, and we realized it’s time to get all the old pics together and preserved before they all start fading away.


being home with them for the past couple days has given us time to reminisce. we talked about their early dreams as a young couple, how they consciously envisioned their lives and how they worked hard to make it a reality. it got me thinking about all they’ve done and the lives they lead to this day. i wanted to share some of the things they’ve implemented in an effort to try to do the same!

they don’t waste: very little gets thrown out. granted that makes for a crowded attic but it’s a source of endless entertainment for the kids when they come over. they literally use almost everything that comes into the house. trash compacting: they have a stow-away compactor to smush all their plastics to make them as flat as possible. composting: they have what we fondly refer to as the ‘mulch pile’ out back where all food scraps go back to the earth and the dirt is used in the garden. the field: they have about an acre that was flat as a baseball field but they’ve let it grow and now it’s a thick jungle forest. they taught us to read labels, check for colors, additives and preservatives. from the age of 3 and 4, my parents began traveling with my brother and me, while mom was pregnant with a third and together we traveled the world. they built a home with a structure where we could count on dinner together each night and filled it with love and souvenirs, created a floor to ceiling library of  books and records, taught us about art, philosophy, food, and other cultures. they opened us up to avant garde ideas, told us to be free thinkers and helped us develop our own styles.

as we sit around the kitchen table and talk about it all, they seem to remember it all fondly but vaguely, not as intensely or vividly as i do. maybe they just don’t understand how strong an influence they had as parents, how we were hungry for their knowledge and the worlds they were opening up to us. i’m not a parent but as a child i can say that parents, your kids want to learn everything you know, so show them your beautiful world, the one you want them to remember when you’re sitting around the kitchen table one day looking back. it’s priceless and i thank you mom and dad for taking the time to make your lives so much about our family. happy 50th, and here’s to 50 more!


June 25, 2013. Life.


  1. Nania replied:

    You are so sweet to appreciate the love you have received from your parents and to share it in your blog. Some people are gifted to know how to receive love while others spend there life resenting their parents.


  2. MJH Design Arts replied:

    Hi Claudia, Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories. What a life-long treasure to have been surrounded by the love of two people who chose to live life to its fullest and with purpose.
    Happy move and travels this summer.


  3. Peggy Braswell replied:

    Such beautiful memories you have to share with us. Those of us who had great parents are blessed indeed. Thank you.
    Happy Anniversary to your mom + dad.


  4. vickiarcher replied:

    Congratulations to your parents… how wonderful that you were all together to celebrate…
    Are you sure it’s not you in those photos? :)


  5. Mademoiselle Poirot replied:

    Congratulations to your mum and dad on their special day. What a wonderful piece and what lovely memories. xo


  6. Belle Inspiration Magazine replied:

    Congratulations to your parents on their 50th. What a wonderful life they have built together!


  7. JudyinFrance replied:

    Congratulate your parents for me. On July 14th, I will be married for 41 years. And thank you for an interesting blog.


  8. renee finberg replied:

    congratulations to you and the entire family. no wonder you are such a great human being!!!
    i can hear the love in your words for your parents –
    and see the love they had for each other in the snaps.
    AND…..they made it!
    they stayed together!!!



  9. Nikon replied:

    The images are great and the written sentiments, too. Very nice..


  10. Cindy Potters replied:

    Beautiful post!


  11. Jean replied:

    Wow! What great pictures. So romantic! I don’t think I’ve ever seen pictures from your parents’ wedding. And that cake! Is that a lamp on top of the cake? They built a great life, and a wonderful family, and it was a perfect party.


  12. Shelly Gregory replied:

    What a beautiful tribute post to your parents! My gosh they are so iconic on their wedding day–gorgeous suited man, and gorgeous dressed bride! Lovelier than lovely! I am so happy for you to be so incredibly impacted by your parents. Parents actually feel a bit successful when they have made a positive difference in their childs life! xo


  13. Mom replied:

    Thank you all for your kind comments. We are now counting up to 60!


  14. Karen Albert replied:

    Dearest Claudia, this is so moving to me! Your parents are gems and do sound like mine! The salt of the earth, old souls who would do anything for anyone!

    Giveaway by The Enchanted Home


  15. S replied:

    I sooo enjoyed this blog. Claudia you may not have children but you wrote that with the wise concise words of a mom. Thank you.


  16. dakaara replied:

    Claudia, I always enjoy your blogs, but this one is so personal and so nice from you to sharing with us … =D !!!! You’re blessed for having such a lovely family!


  17. Clare replied:

    Such a beautiful post, Claudia. Happy anniversary to your Mum & Dad!

    Clare x


  18. Debra F. from NC replied:

    Another WOW! Congratulations to your parents for making it 50 years. It is so rare in this day and time. Not trying to sound arrogant or anything, but your parents sound a lot like us (my husband and me). We have been married for almost 35 years and have raised two children. You are one beautiful human being. It sounds like you really appreciate them. Your parents must be proud and very thankful for you – they have to be.


  19. Lisa Palazzolo Harris replied:

    What a beautiful, loving post. To be the daughter in this era who has parents who have been married that long, raised a family in the same home and are as wonderful as they sound… You’ve been truly blessed.


  20. Rebecca Grace replied:

    What a beautiful post! Happy Anniversary to your parents, Claudia, and happy summer to you!


  21. Val replied:

    Congratulations! This is beautiful. ♥


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