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(97108935687193225) happy saturday everyone! it’s the start of a brand new weekend and i hope what will be a memorable one, whatever you’re up to. this morning i was about to post on yet another color, this time orange. instead i thought i’d hone in a little further with a hue thought i knew pretty well but didn’t use much: saffron. turns out that everything i thought i knew about it was totally wrong, starting with the shade itself.


(34545107587176802) it’s a color that straddles between orange and yellow and is as varied in it’s shades as in its uses, origins, history and properties. for being a mere color it sure has a lot going on!


( first of all, it starts out as a purple flower


(251005379202475341) millions of pounds of it come in to the us from afganistan, pakistan, iran and greece and ingested, it’s useful for everything from depression to weight loss.

saffron flower

(16747829834188199) funny how purple leads into the red then the orange then yellow


(curiousinkitchen) this is an image of early greek harvests


(122512052335782321) the technical color range is from orange to marigold



(248401735669024491) it’s apparently loved and used the world over


(275704808408777919) painting by Mark Rothko, Saffron, 1957, Oil on canvas


(248401735669024511) untitled, Rothko, 1968 and is an endless inspiration of study whether in art


(251005379202489575) on silk

India, Buddha, Devotion postcard

( or in a powder form


(amazing-benefits-of-saffron) sprinkled on top of almost anything it adds color and spirit. it’s almost revered or sacred when used by chefs


(charmingspaces) it’s sort of magical






( it’s used as a dye


above dyeing wool for carpets below



saffron dyed silk

saffron-dyed silk


(97108935687122447) i think this is the color i originally associated with it. kind of what monks wear in tibet


it’s peaceful in the boudoir (although it could be the view)


(59320920061988641) and bold in a single shot


(97108935687122449) calming on a focal wall


it has that neutral property




(248401735669024483) and is as modern as ever


saffronandsilk and works in any decor


(97108935687122450) or room


(38702878020666930) a great accent for doors


(161285230376634138) or fabric


(495184921498566786) i couldn’t resist posting some of the delicious recipes that are made with it! here are roasted pears with saffron spice



fOOD 083



(232357661996354326) saffron risotto & oven roasted vegetables


(100908847872073720) Rustic Pear Tart with Saffron pastry


saffron infused sugar cubes

Screen shot 2013-06-01 at 3.50.33 PM


ok well i officially have both a problem with ocd and a brand new obsession to go with it! hope you get a chance to check it out. if you use it let me know! have a beautiful day!

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  1. Joan Williams replied:

    My favorite “warm” color. It’s on one wall of my bakery and helps keep away the winter blahs. We also painted our living room with it. You’d think it might be overpowering for a whole room but it makes it warm and inviting.

  2. Rita C replied:

    I really enjoyed this post, probably because the color appeals to me, and I learned from what you gathered on this color. I actually envisioned saffron more as a golden yellow tone. Love that saffron colored silk!

  3. Carina replied:

    I love this! It brought back memories of when I worked on something a few years ago with my children and discovered “Ancient legends used to believe the crocodile got its’ name from the Saffron Crocus iris. It was written the crocodile found the iris flower so beautiful that whenever he came near to the blissful fragrance of the saffron crocus it caused him to shed the only sincere tears he had ever cried. So, he was called crocodile after ‘crocus’.”

    Beautiful flower, divine saffron, wonderful colour.

  4. Mom replied:

    My Aunt Ama once told me that every room should have a touch of yellow or orange. Who knew. LOL

  5. mohillmac replied:

  6. Wanda Brainbeuty replied:

    AMAZING!! Love the flower, the color and everything in between!!!

  7. Cecile replied:

    AH!!!!!!! Now I know why I gravitate towards orange/saffron!!!!! It is so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes!!!!!!!!! These photos are off the charts!!!!
    I think I may print them and decorate my office with them!!!!!!!!! You have made my day!!!! Muah!


  8. team1concepts replied:

    Simply loved all the pics!!!! Thank you

  9. Connie* replied:

    I really am mad about saffron. Lovely!!

  10. Nikon replied:

    Stunning selection, you know how to pick the best ones!

  11. Ohlala Maman replied:

    Beautiful post! So warming and happy and fun for this gloomy ‘summer’, we need a touch of the exotic more than ever!

  12. Karen Albert replied:

    Dear Claudia, I loved seeing all of the spectrum’s of color in Saffron!
    A visually stunning post!

    Art by Karena

  13. Penny replied:

    These are lovely pictures and info!.. love it all!!

  14. Lena Morgan replied:

    Enjoy your next vacation to Paris

  15. Peggy Braswell replied:

    gave this color to a client + one of my favorites + wonderful photos.

  16. pixelrites replied:

    A stunning post! Colour heaven! thank you

  17. Trey replied:

    Thanks on your marvelous posting! I quite enjoyed reading it, you are a great author.I will ensure that I bookmark your blog and will often come back later on.
    I want to encourage you to ultimately continue your great writing,
    have a nice evening!

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