what goes with chartreuse

5e8bac3697e43897e29756433b0b23d0) hello and happy friday! i don’t know about you but i’m not sure where the week went. it whizzed by at lightning speed. one of the good things about blogging is that it helps keep track of the days like a log. one of the bad things is that it shows what an obsessive compulsive personality looks like!


(173599760607893452) i fell into the trap again today, spending more time playing than working so far this morning. but what i’ve come to realize is that it will all get done no matter how you arrange the hours.


(23925441742692309) so my little indulgence was again a challenge for me, taking a color i normally shy away from in decor and checking out how it’s used creatively indoors and out: chartreuse


(38702878020666976) a little touch goes a long way

Foto Maria Rosenlöf Styling Linda Wiktorsson-Lång

(38702878020666959) and if you can take it, it’s a lot of fun. but it’s a weird color to pinpoint. it straddles between green and yellow, natural and neon


(23925441743110695) below is coco chanel’s apartment where she used an apple tone on her pillows


(228205906090555498) sometimes it can lean toward garish


(38702878020666955) the vanity in this bath is what i believe is true chartreuse




(228205906089582174) or maybe it’s this ceiling trim…


(58054282666090380) but of course there’s artistic interpretation


(38702878020666910) it’s a very bold choice in decorating but for those who take the plunge the reward is great!


(228205906088210722) this little pillow is enough for some!




(58054282666087060) but i see how accents can brighten up the place


(58054282666087056) another great choice for a DIY as an entry chest color


(173599760606803219) or again, in a piece of art


(183662491025747124) maybe take it outdoors


(23925441742943529) it works with almost every color from red to turquoise


(58054282666087073) and we’re certainly not the first ones to love it!



and if there’s ever any doubt of it’s timeless chicness, we can always turn to the french who apparently have been using it for years. below at versailles. go figure!



well i hope you enjoyed today’s colorburst. now off to work for real! have a great friday!

May 31, 2013. Uncategorized.


  1. Dee Dee Mozeleski (@BubblesDeux) replied:

    Eek! I gasped when I scrolled through this pics because they are all so stunning!

  2. Smalltown Me replied:


  3. Kim Biden "Vintage Addict" replied:

    I kept scrolling to see more! Thank you! Will have to try this color now :)

  4. Anna replied:

    Chartreuse goes with everything. I am.firmly convinced it’s a neutral.

  5. De replied:

    Finally chartreuse! It’s been my go to color for years and often never mentioned in design! Thanks for your wonderful post.

  6. Peggy Braswell replied:

    I agree with all the comments + chartreuse is one of my favorites to use in design.. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  7. MJH Design Arts replied:

    Love the grayish chartreuse the best and mix with with coral accents–yum.
    Great question.

  8. Suzanne replied:


  9. dakaara replied:

    Beautiful … have a happy weekend :) !!!!

  10. Mom replied:

    Well, that’s our new gazebo color. Who knew! I called it lime!

  11. Nikon replied:

    So many amazing shots! The one of the Paris roof nook is my favorite.

  12. Ruby Lee replied:

    I have to echo what others have said: the photos on your site really blow me away! thank you for posting, they are lovely.

  13. Susan replied:

    Oh I really really love these colour palettes, they have definitely struck a chord. Isn’t it funny, I have also been working with this very colour and the lovely pink you also showcased. Something is definitely in the air :-)

  14. Ming-Pei Cobb replied:

    Love it……..!

  15. Clare replied:

    Oooh! Loving it! Especially with vibrant purple hues.

    Clare x

  16. Merillion replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    Loved your chartreuse post. You’re right, it’s not an easy color!
    Another color that I think is difficult to pin down is “purple.” It can be bluish, sometimes it’s pinkish – is it purple or not?

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