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wow it’s hard to believe we’re half way through may already. summer is going to be here soon and it would be great to savor every minute this year instead of remembering it fondly once it’s flown by. for now i’ll settle for a quiet and peaceful spring sunday at home making little improvements. i’ve been surfing this morning and thought i’d just share a couple super easy of DIYs that popped up.



paint a window frame a cheery color



paper the inside of a drawer



or a cabinet



or a little more ambitious, paper the inside of a closet


make panels out of foam core and fabric


add a fat trim to plain curtains



use gold paint to trim prefab doors



rearrange wall art



paint a staircase in color



add something lacy to a window screen



use plain 12 x 12 tiles to separate herbs



use that wagon wheel!



trick out a single planter

if you’re home i hope you enjoy a little nesting.  i may start the herb garden today. have fun with whatever you’re up to!

and if you’re just not in the mood to do any of it,  pull out the glitter, it’s the fastest way to improve almost anything!



May 19, 2013. Tags: . DIY, Life.


  1. Mom replied:

    Great ideas. I would love to know where to find those lacy curtains. Just might throw a handful of glitter into a vase, too. Lol

  2. Nikon replied:

    What a killer opening photo!
    And the rest; more examples of your perfect taste, talent and inventiveness :)

  3. 4aroundthetable replied:

    These are all great DIY projects to change things up a bit. I recently bought some drawer lines .. love them. Perfect for a drawer containing undergarments. The gardening is a must and I think it’s time for me to plant an herb garden! Enjoy your Sunday ~ leslie

  4. Nancy Flemming replied:

    Great and simple ideas for transformation. Love your taste and excellent eye.

  5. Shelly Gregory replied:

    Have a couple of these ideas already stored as “future projects”. Great selection!! Have a wonderful day!

  6. The Paris Apartment replied:

    hi all, hanks for stopping by! i’ll pop over to visit tonight. did you do any of the projects? i cleaned, that was my prep!

  7. Rhonda replied:

    I had lunch with a friend, shopped at Anthropologie and created jewelry. Decorating is next weekend. I love the herb garden.

  8. Connie* replied:

    I’m moving next week. So excited! Lots of great inspiration here. I am definitely wall papering the closets and possibly lace on the window. Thanks for the tips!

  9. niasunset replied:

    Reblogged this on photographyofnia.

  10. Peggy Braswell replied:

    what grand ideas! spent Sunday laying around + today I greet the new week with great expectations! Happy Monday

  11. Vicki Archer replied:

    I am about ready to pull out the glitter! I loved that line. Claudia… xv

  12. viveka replied:

    Great gallery … I love the blue stairs – and fabric panels. Great ideas.

  13. pixelrites replied:

    Great inspiration here – thank you! Love the wallpaper linings of cupboards …

  14. jenniferhowze156 replied:

    The paper on the inside of the cabinet looks fab. Also, a good baby step for DIY-shy folks like me.

  15. Elaine replied:

    So many great projects.I have been thinking of wallpapering or putting fabric in an armoire. That kitchen armoire looks fantastic!

  16. frankjames replied:

    what grand ideas! spent Sunday laying around + today I greet the new week with great expectations!

  17. habitatparisien replied:

    We enjoyed this post :)

  18. Happy Turtle replied:

    It could only be you. Great choice of pictures and thoughtful words to match. Uplifting.

  19. Kimberly Hites replied:

    Loved all these ideas. I must tell you, Claudia, that I just returned from France and after reading your latest book about Paris Flea Markets I went to the Marche aux Puces de la Porte de Vanves like you suggested and it was wonderful. Of course, I’ve been to St. Ouen (Clignancourt) but I probably would never have gone to Vanves without your recommendation. Thanks a bunch!

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