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good morning all! it’s uber early and i’m sending a bouquet your way to make sure to and smell the roses. (even if they’re ether :)

as i watch the news it’s apparent not everyone had a peaceful night as tornadoes hit texas and demolished homes and lives. many hit were under construction by habitat for humanity and it’s prompted me to get it together and finally register to work on the sites currently underway here in florida.HFH

it was surprisingly easy to register and if you want to check it out in your neck of the woods,  follow this link and choose by project or date from the calendar:


i’ll be heading to Liberty City which is one of the towns we usually just pass through (really fast) to reach our upholstery factory. it’s a community that is in desperate need of love and this is a chance to spread a little!


they need volunteers in all parts of the country so if you are working on a project or end up volunteering for one, let me know. well i’m off to get this day started. have a wonderful weekend!

May 16, 2013. Tags: , . Projects.


  1. Valery replied:

    Claudia- could you please check your FB messages?– Thanks much-


  2. Nikon replied:

    Good luck, nice that you are helping.


  3. carla replied:

    what a divine project Claudia. .Would love to be there to help. Carla x


  4. MJH Design Arts replied:

    Hi Claudia, Yes, each of us does make a huge difference. Thank you for the inspiration to action. Blessing for a great day.


  5. Nancy Flemming replied:

    Thanks for highlighting Habitat for Humanity. Could you also put out a’shout out’ to support your LOCAL Humane Society as well, please. We swing into help during these disasters and people often donate to national rather than their local Society and we do not receive $$ for our urgent services to pets in their time of need.
    Love your work!


  6. arod replied:

    that’s great what an awesome thing to do


  7. Terrie Campbell replied:

    What a great idea! Thank you for sharing!


  8. sally leonard replied:

    What a great post! I”m impressed!


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