fork in the road



good morning and happy tuesday! tuesday is reason enough to celebrate, isn’t it?



lately i’ve been torn between the status quo and moving in a different direction. i’m excited at the prospect of change. something yet undiscovered.


i blame it on a fortune cookie that said that i’d be switching professions. kind of vague but it planted a seed and  for the first time in forever i’m playing with the idea of what taking a different direction would look like. how could i make the second half of my life a bit different than the first?



so i nope you’ll indulge me exploring the idea.  still the same old me but looking at things  in a new way,  to see where i can fit in, make a difference! the first step is starting with myself,  breaking bad habits and trying to be more conscious overall. ok well, more soon, til then, have a great day whatever you’re up to!



May 14, 2013. Life, Living.


  1. Anne White replied:

    Hi Claudia – This is so interesting – you’re thinking of change and so am I! I think something’s in the air.I emailed you back about my planned fall trip. Looking forward to hearing from you. – Anne


  2. MJH Design Arts replied:

    Hi Claudia, I seem to be seeing, feeling, hearing this message every where I turn. Courage and more courage to become who we are destined to be. Go for it! I’ll be awaiting details of this new adventure.


  3. Lisa J replied:

    These are the same thoughts swirling in my head – thank you for posting and the eecummings quote – so apropo!


  4. Shelly Gregory replied:

    I am anticipating whatever change you are seeking. Have enjoyed your blog and book. Hope to not lose touch with you.


  5. Diane replied:

    I have been on that voyage over and over in life. You seem to be having fun with what you are doing. Keep it up but branch out. Perhaps a professional furniture design studio or clothing or fabric line based on Paris style. Let me know and perhaps I will join you.


  6. Vicki Archer replied:

    Mmmm… this sounds intriguing Claudia…
    I am a great fan of change… I could do with a bit myself… but as I rarely sit still as it is… I think my family would leave me… ;)
    Tell us what you are thinking… it does sound exciting… xv


  7. Nikon replied:

    Do you already know what it will be, but haven’t taken any action?


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