brand new day


bonjour mes amis, ça va? i hope you’re having a beautiful early morning. maybe you have a moment to yourself?


i’ve been here for about 2 minutes too long but wanted to stop by today with some sweet shots that kickstarted my morning. i’m still debating whether to get a dog or a cat. who do you have?


ok well i better get going, have a wonderful day! à bientôt!


April 26, 2013. Friends, kittens, Life.


  1. Erika replied:

    I have two dogs, but then, I’m allergic to cats so I can’t have one of those anyway. Even so, I don’t think anything beats a dog or two.


  2. mary replied:

    I have a very large amazing poodle and two cats–siamese and a hissy cat. Definitely go with the poodle first (only a standard) and then add a cat into the mix….
    Love these photos: they are making my day.


  3. Mary B. replied:

    My observation from experience:both are wonderful…IF you are THERE for the animal! Cats are easier, but will most likely scratch your furniture raw. They can be totally indoor and only require to change the litter daily. Dogs obviously MUST be walked 3X/day and can not be left alone, whereas one can leave a cat for two days if dry food & water are left in abundance. If you want to travel…I would NOT have a pet at all because one has to remember that they are but a part of your world, but to them, YOU ARE their ENTIRE WORLD. I have owned and loved BOTH over the years. If you own, then the needs of the PET MUST come FIRST or it’s not fair to the animal. They are both very emotional and attached to their owner. I’ve had both get sick and grieve when gone for more than 3 days! Good luck with whatever you decide…. Terrific photos on your post!!
    Mary B.


  4. Penny replied:

    I have a Beagle & two cats!.. I love them all.. my kitties are very sweet, & independent.. where as Charlie is sooo needy and loves me no matter what!.. I would suggest you get one of each!.. as babies so they can grow up together! Let us know what you decide!!


  5. 4aroundthetable replied:

    Darling! I am the happy owner of two beautiful English Springers. Pets create a nice vibe at home and (even though they are messy at times:) an important part of “family” life.


  6. Leslie replied:

    I have the sweetest golden retriever, Caligirl (the name just fit her)…from the day I rescued her she has been a love and a light…in the morning she crawls up next to me, flips herself upside down and waits for our bonding time. She’s goofy and playful yet also a princess (unless there’s a squirrel in the yard (or a bunny like this morning), then…watch out, she will hunt you down!! Lol
    I will say, (having had two male dogs previously who were my world)… I made the decision that she needed to fit into my life,(not the other way around) and she has…she is so content and adaptable that it makes it more joyful for me as well. I say go for it!!


  7. Peggy Braswell replied:

    Have had both kitty + doggie-they will love each other as mine have-kitty, Jackson has passed on(a sad day + many days) but Barkely saves the day with his sweetness. Jackson + Barkley were rescues. I think I will get another kitty. Thanks Go for it!


  8. Sandra Conti replied:

    You made my day with these gorgeous photos of my favorite creation,..thank you!


  9. Mom replied:

    I love you, too, just think about coming to NJ.


  10. pineconesandacorns replied:

    Oh you should get a pet! I have a dog and she makes my day…everyday!

    Have a great weekend, Elizabeth


  11. Patty/BC replied:

    I have three dachshunds and a snowshoe siamese kitty. Dogs are a lot more work, kitty doesn’t seem to mind all my times in and away from the house. Cats are a lot quieter too : ) but i love them both. Patty/BC


  12. Jennifer replied:

    I have a black pug, but every pug is SO SWEET! They are not big barkers. The only time my pug barks is when he hears the garbage truck – ha! They are also very smart. Fawn pugs are darling, too. They have low little bodies with short legs, while the black pugs have longer legs and are a little more energetic! Good luck on your search – whatever you decide on will change your life! :)


  13. Lee replied:

    I had both; dogs and cats. I adore dogs, but for someone who works and travel all day, even though getting back home every day, cats are much easier. Don’t be mistaken they do get attached, and they love you and need you the same as dogs do. But still you don’t need to take them out 3 times a day. it really depends in your life routine. No matter what, do not take an animal if you cannot give it what it needs; they have feelings just like us the humans… good luck in whatever you choose.


  14. Sabrina Brown replied:

    I’ve had both — a pembroke Welsh corgi — she was absolutely lovely! Everybody fell in love with her, at the same time I had a beautiful little kitten who also loved the corgi and the kitten is very sweet — now a cat and I still have her — she is in-doors only because she is terrified of the outdoors, although fascinated by its goings-on. If you invest in a couple of sturdy cat trees you will probably not have trouble with with keeping your upholstery in good shape. I have four, tall, stable, handmade cat trees that my kitty uses faithfully. They are much better than the ones made at Petco, etc….When the carpeting is completely scratched off I will take them to a carpeting store and have them re-carpeted — My kitty loves to play and perch on them. I have vintage and antique upholstered french style sofas, including a chaise from your boutique, Claudia, and my kitty has never scratched them. I have a cat tree nearby any upholstered furniture, which is the key to saving your furniture. They are not very pretty, but my furniture is still pretty, and having the kitty companionship is amazing — she is so loving– sleeps with me, always wants to be in my company and in my lap, and she is very playful. I do need to arrange for a housesitter if I go away for more than the day, because she gets very lonely.


  15. Nikon replied:

    Beautiful photos, Claudia!
    I really love that first one :)


  16. Shell Sherree replied:

    Love these, especially the first ~ gorgeous!


  17. Maryanne replied:

    Simply Precious!


  18. Frances Russell replied:

    Hello I have just found your lovely blog and would love to buy your books! We have a cat called Icing Sugar and she is absolutely gorgeous. White and fluffy with blue eyes! She is half Ragdoll and half Persian… we were never cat people but our 10 year old daughter was so distraught after her older brother went to college that we cracked and went and bought her a cat! It was the best decision as Sugar is part of the family and also matches my interiors perfectly! She does quite like to scratch the Belgian linen though!
    best wishes
    PS do you have follow by google connect?


  19. michelle replied:

    aaww those pics are so cute! I have a daschund named Ziggy. I Instagram her often.

    I think you should get a dog. :)


  20. Claire from French Furniture replied:

    I have one of each. I love them both they bring so much joy to our household. The cat is the boss. Your photos are so adorable :-)


  21. Joanna replied:

    My husband and I never talked about getting a cat until we walked into the pet store during “Kittenpalooza” (a cat-adopting event) and saw there was only one kitty left, and she wasn’t a kitty but a six year old black cat with the most beautiful eyes. We just looked at each other and that was it! Now every day we sit and stare at our lovely lady and exclaim that we are so glad we got her! Go visit a shelter and see who catches your eye — it’s amazing how an animal can change (yes change!) your life. Enjoy!


  22. Cover Photo replied:

    Cover Photo

    brand new day | the paris apartment


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