keeping up with our ancestors


are we genetically wired to believe our own generation is more advanced than the last?


hello guys, how’s your night? it’s after midnight so technically already tomorrow and i wanted to stop by and update the last post from earth day. when i posted about the world grid, some of your comments got me thinking about a truly wireless world so i started looking into it. please pardon the technical diversion but i got a little obsessed with what i found.

tesla card

nicola tesla was known as the “father of free energy” about 100 years ago. he was praised and celebrated and even heralded as the “the man who invented the 20th century” for inventions such as the x-ray, neon and fluorescent lights, motors, generators, coils, robotics, radar, remote control, scalar energy, the system at niagra falls and the humble radio to name just a few (he had 700 patents)

worlds fair

(above is the westinghouse booth where some of his inventions were on display at the world’s fair in 1901).

world wireless


his last and possibly most important invention was the wardenclyffe tower which in the few test runs it had, was able harness the earth’s power using the electromagmetic field, the ionosphere and solar energy.


i’m not sure about the technical part but somehow hot air in the aether could help transmit energy world wide. he was determined to use the earth’s natural frequencies instead of coal, oil or gas.  his dream was for everyone to have access to electricity that was free and could be easily tapped.


he was truly the ‘electricity whisperer’


Tesla's reading light


local exeriments at the time showed it worked beautifully but when the backer of the project (JP Morgan)! realized it could upset the world’s fossil fuel industries, he pulled the plug (so to speak) and said if he ‘couldn’t put a meter on it’ then it wasn’t going to happen. that simple act changed world history and tesla’s life. he fell from grace and became broke and ridiculed. and, well, we know what we’ve been up to ever since!

tesla electrifies earth

tesla nobel prize

surprising how everyone turned on him. he simply said the world may not have been ready for it at that point:

Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.  –Nikola Tesla 


i wonder if we have the ability to pick up where he left off?

as he said:

“We are whirling through endless space with inconceivable speed, all around us everything is spinning, everything is moving, everywhere is energy. There must be some way of availing ourselves of this energy more directly. Then, with the light obtained from the medium, with the power derived from it, with every form of energy obtained without effort, from the store forever inexhaustible, humanity will advance with giant strides.”

i sure hope so. bueller?

April 25, 2013. Earth Day, Environment.


  1. Mimi replied:

    I am in awe of this man! He was ahead of his time and the ultimate inventor! No one can compare with Nikola Tesla!


  2. Sandra replied:

    Imagine how different our society would be today if greed hadn’t ruled.


  3. Amy replied:

    Hello, I enjoyed your post. Yes greed kept the many from moving forward in our humanly existence. It was said, when the rich few realized he wanted to give the world free energy, they shut him down so they could find a way to charge us the many for the convenience of electricity. The same thing is going to happen to our water supply. It will no longer be free, we the many will have to pay for it. A movie came out on Monday which tells of a MD Dr who is trying to raise money through the proceeds of the movie “Sirus” to give free energy to the world. You would like it. It is only $9.99 to stream it onto your computer. You can go to hope you like it. I enjoy reading your posts on your blog. You are truly enlightened and awake.


  4. Barbara Hvilivitzky replied:

    I don’t have a specific comment on dear old Tesla, other than to say, yes he was a remarkable man. Your blog is lovely and the pictures you post are a feast for the eye. If I can say only one tiny negative thing it is your constant use of “guys” in your greeting. This is such a small thing but for me it spoils the mood of Belle Epoch that your blog conveys. I’m starting to learn French this spring and I’d love it if you could greet us using “Mes Amis” or something like that. Many of your readers are not American, I’m sure, and they might feel more comfortable with that too! Have a great day.


    • Amy replied:

      Dear Barbara,
      I read on a blog site called the “minimalist,” there are people like you that are called “seagulls.” They pop over your site occasionally and say negative things and fly off, sometimes never to be heard from again. As my French mom always said, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all.” I am from the Midwest, and it was perfectly normal for all my college friends to say, “are you guys” meaning other girls going here or there. It was not derogatory to call each other “guys.” I just think it is rude to tell someone else, on “their own” blog site how they can address people. If you don’t like it, don’t read it, or create your own blog site and call people whatever you want!


      • Barbara Hvilivitzky replied:

        That’s certainly not the response I hoped for! I guess I’m not blog savvy but isn’t that the point? To attract new people and hope they are intrigued and stick around? I love lots of things about this blog. It’s is visually lovely. Most of what is said is really interesting, and the links to others are also interesting.

        So, ok, I’m sorry that my first response was “negative” but that’s the downside of the internet. What couldn’t be seen was the expression on my face. It was a friendly one! I hoped what could be heard in my request for a little “French-flair” in the greeting was the the spirit in which it was given. I’m disappointed in this response – hardly welcoming. We all have to play nice-nice I guess. And, of course, college kids do call everyone “guys” but don’t we grow up at some point? I sure hope when I’m next having tea at a posh hotel in Paris the waiter doesn’t come up to me and say “hi guys, I’m Chad and I’ll be your wait staff today!”


  5. Guest House Interior (@GuestHouseInt) replied:

    Very interesting indeed. I hope we can pick up where he left off and harness/distribute this power. Greed holds us all back, including the rich people. The fear of not having or losing money is greater than the possibility of what could be and what is already out there waiting to be discovered. It takes a demand for better solutions from the masses and a determination to succeed from everyone, and it will happen. Tesla was a man before his time for sure. Thanks for sharing as always.


  6. Peggy Braswell replied:

    Tesla was so “right on” in everything he proclaimed, as a eternal optimist, we will survive! Thanks for the great post.


  7. Nikon replied:

    Tesla was brilliant.


  8. Clare replied:

    Wow! Such an interesting post, Claudia. I feel so devastated that over 100 years ago there was someone like Tesla, so ahead of his time and who could have changed our world as we know it for the better. Look at us now!!

    C x


  9. pixelrites replied:

    Oh Paris and now Tesla. I know now why I was drawn to your beautiful blog and its beautiful images. Thanks


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