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hi guys, happy earth day! i hope you had a good monday. personally, i’m winding down but just wanted to stop by and say hi on this great day of reverence for the planet.  if i didn’t do what i do i’d have been an archaeologist and really take the time to study this glorious globe. i love cave paintings, stone carvings, obelisks, ancient texts and the mostly the mysteries behind each of each of them.


earth day seemed like the perfect time to explore a question i’ve always had about how the ancient sites are laid out, where they are on the planet and how they may act as a grid we can follow to tap into some of the earth’s unseen energy resources. when i googled it just now i was pretty surprised to see how ridiculously ‘on the grid’ they actually are. i’d love to be smart enough to know what to do with the information. i’d harness the power of a summer solstice and fuel the planet for a year! maybe thinking about it will spark an idea in a bright mind on how to crack the code.

well that’s one of my many earth day hopes anyway. on the homefront, candy and i have started our new green philosophy: share everything  :)

well i hope you enjoy some food for thought. have a great night!

The geometric pattern of the Earth Grid is energetic in nature. and this Earth energy, organized into a precise web, may have once, and could be again, the source of a free and inexhaustible supply of power, once powering older civilizations of high technological achievement. Grid theorists state that this Grid technology can be reclaimed again—today.

world grid

(1) Giza, The Great Pyramid

(3)Tyumen Oil Field, USSR

(4) Lake Baikal, USSR,

(9) Hudson Bay, present location of North Magnetic Pole

(11) Northern British Isles, Maes Howe, Ring of Brodgar, Callanish

(12) Mohenjo Daro—Rama Empire Culture

(13) Xian Pyramids, largest in the world

(14) Southern Japan, “Dragon’s Triangle”

(16) Hamakulia, high volcanic and earthquake activity

(17) The sophisticated canal civilization of Cibola

(18) Bimini, the site of huge man-made walls underwater. Discovered in 1969, possibly the lost city of Atlantis.

(20) Algerian megalithic ruins

(21) Megaliths at Axum, the Coptic Christian center in Ethiopia

(25) Bangkok and Ankor Wat

(26) Sarawak, Borneo, site of ancient megalithic structures

(28) Pohnpei Island, Micronesia, site of the megalithic city of Nan Madol

(35) Lima, Peru, boundary of the Nazca Plate, Pisco, the Candlestick of the Andes & the Nazca Lines

(40) Gabon, West Africa

(41) Zimbabwe with its ancient mines & structures

(44) The Maralinga Atomic Test Site, megalithic ruins

(47) Easter Island megaliths

(62) German underground Antarctic base


A mysterious line runs through the horizontal side of the Earth and can be easily observed from a globe with a horizontal ring. The six mystic places that are lined up with this line are the Nazca Lines, Ollantaytambo, Great Pyramid of Egypt, Paratoary, Tassili’Ajjer and Easter Island. This line also passes through  in the world such as the Sahara Desert, Brazilian Rainforest, the highlands of New Guinea, the North Atlantic Ocean, South Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea.The alignment also crosses the source and mouth of the Amazon River. There are also sites that line within 1/10 of a degree of this line and those include: Petra, Perseopolis, Khajurado, Pyay, Sukothai, and Anatom Island. Mohenjo Daro, Ganweriwala, Machupicchu, Cuzco, and the Angkok temple at Preach Vinear are within a quarter degree of this amazing line. The alignment forms a perfect circle between the equator and the outer circle of the Earth. Most ancient sites were built around atsronomical calculations.

something to consider anyway! have a great night~

April 23, 2013. Tags: . Earth Day.


  1. Nikon replied:

    Wow, fabulous! I never would have thought of a connection – good for you!


  2. mary replied:

    So many mysteries awaiting…
    Thanks for making me ponder.


  3. Jean replied:

    Didn’t know you were into that kind of thing. You would have loved Newgrange in Ireland, which we just visited on our trip. It is a passage tomb which was built more than 5000 years ago. It is older than Stonehenge, older by 500 years than the pyramids, and every year at dawn on the winter solstice, the sun shines directly through this small opening to illuminate the inner chamber. It is so cool. We put our names on the list for the lottery to get to be there when that happens. Not likely, but you never know!


  4. vintagerevivalnz replied:

    I love this post. Its so interesting. I love all this stuff too. Thank you :-)


  5. Carina replied:

    Happy belated Earth day Claudia. I went by the post office this morning and a copy of ‘Paris – Flea Market Style’ that I’d pre-ordered had arrived. It is just gorgeous! The photos, your words, the gold on the cover even the feel of the paper, all of it is truly scrumptious. Bravo for a beautiful job.


  6. Karen Albert replied:

    Claudia it is truly as if all people places and things are connected in a magical way! Fascinating!
    Art by Karena


  7. pixelrites replied:

    Fascinating! Thanks


  8. Clare replied:

    Ahhh! So excited you did a post about this! Isn’t it just so interesting? Hubby & I love watching the tv show “Ancient Aliens”, have you seen it? Whether you believe what the theorists say or not, it’s still an extremely interesting show as you learn about all of these ancient sites and the people that lived there. I find many of the theories fascinating myself. We are headed to Chile & Peru in July and will be in Lima, Cuzco, Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu, and the Nazca Desert. I’m so excited!

    C x


  9. How Much Do We Know? « Facet Of You replied:

    […] tapping into the world grid (parisapartment.wordpress.com) […]


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