nothing i would rather do

good morning mes chers amis! it’s a gorgeous brisk day in nyc. i came in last night to spend the weekend with friends and family.


we’ve been in and out all morning getting the apartment cosy and stocked.


for the next little while i’m gonna just do what i wanna do which is chill and say hi.


(tulip fields in holland above and below)


i’m enjoying having a clean slate for a minute.


i spent some time between emails on pinterest and have been checking out the likes i’ve been saving 


you know how the likes are…no real home and rarely looked over. anyway here are a few non sequitur shots from today.

apparently i’m feeling color


anyway now it’s not morning anymore and it was when i started this so it’s time to get back to reality. and so, tomorrow. till then i bid you adieu. have a glorious day!

ps thought you’d enjoy this!


March 28, 2013. Tags: , , . Friends, New York, Photography.


  1. Penny replied:

    Thank you for posting today.. especially liked the Shakespeare quotes!.. wishing you a great day also!


  2. The Paris Apartment replied:

    hi penny
    thank you for being here! i stopped by your blog, your cats are too cute!


    • Penny replied:

      Thank you!.. I’m just starting to build the website & put their photos up for fun..


  3. arod replied:

    how perfectly lovely and the weather is great here now enjoy


  4. Peggy Braswell replied:

    so loved the idea of taking the day off to do the things you adore + you go girl. Enjoy!Tomorrow is another day. Loved the Shakespeare quotes! Happy Easter.


  5. Mademoiselle Poirot replied:

    Love all these colourful pictures, it’s so grey and miserable here in London… Have a lovely Easter xo


  6. Nikon replied:

    Grey here, too, so I really enjoyed the tulip photos! Beautiful!
    I’m glad that you are getting some time to relax with the family – have a good time!


  7. Shell Sherree replied:

    Love the Shakespeare quotes ~ very enlightening!! Have a beautiful time with your loved ones, Claudia.


  8. vicki archer replied:

    Have a fabulous weekend Claudia… Enjoy the break and take it easy… :) xv


  9. Kimberly Hites replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    I had to let you know that I received your latest book “Paris Flea Market Style” yesterday and couldn’t put it down. It totally rocks and will help when I return to Paris in May and September. Thanks for a great read and a visual treat! I had never written a book review before but I just wrote a review on Amazon with 5 stars for “Paris Flea Market Style”.


  10. Rhonda replied:

    I really love all the Shakespeare quotes, I had no idea they were his. I have got to get your Book, I’m off yo Amazon.


  11. Lucinda Keller replied:

    Those fields of flowers are heavenly!!!
    And I love the Shakespeare quotes!


  12. FLOWER OF THE MONTH / Tulips | BY BETHANY replied:

    […] (Images 1, 2, 3) […]


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