best day ever


good morning everyone! i hope your weekend was peaceful, restful and productive even if that meant enjoying some down time. that’s exactly what it was for me. for the first time in the past couple months it’s not about deadlines, obligations, and averting crisises.


i’m excited to start fresh with this brand new day that’s all ours. it will only happen once in all eternity. what shall we do with it?


i hope yours is magical and you get some YOU time if you need it!


PS i haven’t forgotten about your books and will start shipping them out next week.

March 25, 2013. Flowers, Friends.


  1. Teresa @ Splendid Sass replied:

    These are beautiful images, and the kittens are perfect!
    Happy Monday.


  2. indiaalexandra replied:



  3. Karen Albert replied:

    Better words were never spoken, Claudia, Miss Belle lays around like that occasionally!
    Art by Karena


  4. Cris replied:

    Hi Claudia – are you serious about the books? ;-) Because we are heading to Paris in June and I was going to go ahead and order one. I had gone by Barnes & Noble to buy one and they said they didn’t have it in stock and couldn’t order it. Well, geez, no wonder brick and mortar isn’t doing as well as Amazon! Anyway, I’m just as happy to show support by ordering a copy as I am to get one by mail from you (although a signed copy is something special)!
    It’s very sweet and generous of you to send them – but again, if it doesn’t work out, I think we all understand that!


  5. Peggy Braswell replied:

    Hi Claudia-that picture of the kitty feet is priceless! I too had a wonderful weekend + Happy Monday!


  6. Jen Lawrence replied:

    So happy that life has turned. It’s amazing when that happens and makes you doubly grateful!


  7. Jean replied:

    Oh my God, those kittens!


  8. Valery Jayne Schweiter replied:

    Hi Claudia — I have been so excited to recieve a book- Like the other poster said- I also went to two different bookstores to purchase a copy- and also on Amazon they were sold out to order.- Do you need our snail mail address?- Thanks so much!! ,-Valery


  9. Mom replied:

    On a snowy day in NJ, those pictures were a real treat.
    LOL Mom


  10. Sandra Conti replied:

    The photo of the two little kittens lying down are the most beautiful and precious photo I think I’ve ever seen. This is softness, purness, love, Godliness, goodness and every other wonderful and beautiful thing this picture represents at least in my eyes. Thank you to the person who took it and also for sharing it. It made my day.


  11. Jean-Marie Chapman replied:

    Sweet weekend with one of my nine grandchildren. Glorious day here in Oregon and I trust where you are, too! Thanks for getting my signed book to me so quickly! LOVE IT!!! If I wasn’t allergic…those kittens would be around my neck!!! :)


  12. Merillion replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    “i’m excited to start fresh with this brand new day that’s all ours. it will only happen once in all eternity. what shall we do with it?”
    LAUNDRY. :)
    But seriously, love those pics, & love how inspirational your words are.


  13. Nikon replied:

    Such great photos, Claudia! ( I love the kittens!)
    I’m glad that you are having a great day – I hope that they all are!


  14. Rhonda replied:

    I love those kittens, makes me want to take a nap! I hope all your days are great.


  15. vickiarcher replied:

    That sounds like the perfect day Claudia… Nothing better than to wake up with a free mind and a day to yourself… I am sure you had a wonderful time… xv


  16. Clare replied:

    Hope your weekend was magical!
    C x


  17. Shell Sherree replied:

    Those kitties melt me ~ imagine nuzzling into those warm fluffy tummies! My Ella lets me do that but I proceed with caution {and a keen awareness of not outwearing my welcome!!}


  18. Tiebacks replied:

    Just when I think I can do without this one item, you present something so cute, I can’t resist. Errrrr! :)


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