never can say goodbye


good morning dear friends! i  have to apologize for dropping off the face of the earth for the past few days (or was it weeks)?  it’s been a long road but one that’s been fun and furiously fast paced. in fact the pace has caught up with us and the project we’ve been planning has finally taken shape and is about to launch this weekend!


my crew of companions who’ve helped get thru it are all staying for the next few days to embark on a giant slumber/packing party. claudia ii, candy and ellen are here to put the final touches and tweaks on it all. it’s been months in the making…and tada…our brand new OKL sale is launching this weekend!  the busy work is done. the container arrived from paris, chairs have been restored and re-upholstered in silk satin, pictures are framed and matted and accessories have been painstakingly cleaned with toothbrushes and tarnx. now t’s almost time to say goodbye but it feels like everything just got here!


maybe i get too attached but i’m loving living with it at home. i feel like my apartment is a living, breathing manifistation of the work we’ve done. and now i’m holding onto it for dear life, trying to take it all in. i’m torn between being a collector and curator and want to relish each piece one last time before this day gets started and it gets packed and stashed for the sale. oh but it sounds like everyone is starting to stir so these are my last few moments of quiet perfection before the chaos starts.


i’m glad you came by and promise to keep you posted! we tried to make it vast and varied with something in every range for everyone so i hope you enjoy it! the sale will be from march 9-11 and starts bright and early on saturday morning.


by the by,  the new book is heading into a second printing! there are still some first editions available amazon (if i promised you a book in the giveaway i’m still going to send it out) but otherwise there will be signed first editions on the sale.

ok, the girls are up and i smell coffee. more soon!

March 7, 2013. Books, OKL, Paris.


  1. Sandra Chapin replied:

    So many beautiful things! Good luck with the sale,Claudia.


  2. Melissa replied:

    We’ve missed you. Can’t wait for the sale on Saturday, and really excited about receiving my book from you. I’m sure you don’t need it, but good luck with your OKL sale.


  3. Nikon replied:

    You have been gone awhile! Looks like you’ve done some beautiful work.
    Great photos as always!
    Good to know that the book is doing well.


  4. Peggy Braswell replied:

    OKL is wonderful to work with! I have missed your postings but happy you have been busy getting ready for the sale. I will look at the sale on OKL. Blessings to you.


  5. La Silla Chic replied:

    Beautiful works, good luck with your sale, from BsAs, Arg, Julia
    La Silla Chic


  6. Svetlana replied:

    Thanks for the post. I just bought your book for Kindle.


  7. Jean replied:

    I’m so excited that your book is going into its second printing! Lucky me, I got my first edition from Amazon publication day, and it is gorgeous, so not surprised it sold out.

    Can’t wait to see the sale!!


  8. Jean replied:

    Its actually out of stock now on Amazon! But they still have it on Barnes and Noble!


  9. Bonnie replied:

    Congratulations on your OKL collection! It’s all so pretty!


  10. Sabrina Brown replied:

    Hi Claudia,

    I’m so looking forward to your OKL collection! Good Luck! Your blog today is beautiful, as always.



  11. Merillion replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    Congratulations – the second printing of your book!
    I will definitely look at the OKL sale on Saturday.
    And that pink tufted chair & ottoman would look so good in my Living Rm.


  12. Elizabeth replied:

    Hello Claudia,

    A fabulous post of your beautiful finds! I am looking forward to receiving my copy and am hosting a give away this weekend of the copy that you have graciously supplied. I am sure that someone will love it. Good luck with the sale.

    Here is a link to my post for your book and sale. Thank you again for your generosity.



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