in living color polaroids

carina okula-polaroid paris and carina okula rue-view-paris

hi guys happy sunday! i hope you had a great weekend and are about to embark on a nice long night. we’ve been busy running around all week and today was a relaxing respite. i cracked my laptop lid for the first time in what seems like an eternity just now. instead of surfing around i’m stopping on the very first bit of beauty in my inbox. i can’t keep this photographer’s work a secret since her images of paris are so bright and cheerful and getting her newsletter is completely inspiring. hope you enjoy her work too! well, i’m off  to squeeze in a little more downtime, have a great night!

February 4, 2013. art, Paris, Photography.


  1. Shelly Gregory replied:

    Love the images and their vivid colors! Oops, I tried to PIN them, but the site is protected. Would’ve loved to have shared them! They are so lovely! Have a wonderful evening of down time!


  2. Carina replied:


    Wow! Thank you, I just received your post in my inbox with my name on it. Thank you so much for the lovely post and for sharing. You just made my day. :)


  3. Nikon replied:

    A fabulous collection of photos, Claudia!


  4. Clare replied:

    Who could resist such gorgeous Paris pics?!

    Clare x


  5. Heidi replied:

    I can see why you can’t get enough….amazing!
    enjoy your down time, Heidi


  6. Peggy Braswell replied:

    so beautiful! thanks hon.


  7. ernø replied:

    very nice !


  8. Shay replied:

    Very nice! I hope you enjoyed your weekend!


  9. Vacation in France replied:

    Its the best way to enjoy weekends. I’m a frequent traveler and would love to have an adventures trip always. So glade to read your article and to know your way of exploring weekends.


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