the other side of paradise


greetings from paris mes amis! it’s beyond cold, in fact it’s downright bone chilling! but not cold enough to stop the shopping and yesterday was an incredible adventure.


we went to visit my friend stephane blanc’s warehouses in a tiny village an hour outside paris. it couldn’t have been more picturesque and even better, full of surprises.


you never know what’s behind big old doors and we were not disappointed when he opened the vaults to the 1750s barns where he and his father have gathered incredible treasures from french châteaux and estates over the years.


stephane brings pieces back to paris and restores them to sell at clignancourt in his tiny, curated booth on rue paul bert. my mystery guests and i were the first to go behind the blue doors. although he was casual about the enormity of his collection, we were blown away.


every kind of imaginable style is stacked up in chilly, cobwebbed rooms filled with furniture, mirrors, doors, chandeliers, artwork and toys.


we must have been there for 5 hours going through every nook and cranny in the cold.


no one left empty handed and at the end of the day we were exhausted and tired but happy with our treasures.


as someone who loves to restore old pieces, i couldn’t help wanting to take it all home and bring it back to life myself.


still, my philosophy these days is ‘no projects’ especially since i’m preparing for my OKL sale in just a couple weeks.


so at least for now, the clocks and tables are safe and sound, sitting quietly in wait.


and until i have the chance to come back (hopefully in warmer weather)!


i’ll just settle for getting pieces that are ready to go like these little treasures we found at the market. we’re heading out again tomorrow and sunday to vanves and clignancourt for a big day of shopping and shipping so i’ll keep you posted and take lots of shots! have a great day and happy weekend!

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minuit à paris


allo tout le monde! how’s your winter wonderland? i hope it’s warm and cozy in your world. i wish i could say this was me in the shot above but alas don’t think i’ll ever be that girl…but i just landed in paris and am about to go on the adventure of a lifetime.


i left miami today and snap, it’s midnight and i’m in gay paree! i vowed never to come again january but my most exciting flea market tour ever is about to go down. i don’t mean to play coy and am dying to drop the bomb on who i’ll be with but haven’t got the OK (hint hint) to post about it yet!


we’ll be traveling to the markets and also going to the outskirts of town with a friend/merchant who’s had a stall passed down for over 3 generations at clignancourt. it’s a place i’ve always wanted to check it out and now finally have a reason to go.

130534089171308132_tkEPcfoR_c (1)

it was snowing earlier but once the jet lag hit i crashed and didn’t get to run around and shoot the beauty that is paris in the snow.


so instead of reinventing the wheel i searched for images of paris in winter and came across so many wonderful interpretations and moments captured over the years.


while i’m here, i’ll be shopping for my next OKL sale which is scheduled for the week of march 3rd. if you want me to look for something special let me know!


for now it’s off to bed. it will be nice to have the next few days at lorraine’s place with not too much on the agenda except enjoying the city for a change.

Roofs of Paris in the Snow, Herbin, 1902


i’m hoping to get some flowers and take shots of her pretty little pied-à-terre that she has so beautifully maintained over the years. it’s like coming home and just knowing it’s here is such a dream.  it’s right in the heart of the marais at the place des vosges.

Place des Vosges Carla Coulson

Carla Coulson

she rents it out so if you come to paris and need just a little place to hang your hat, retreat or write, this is it. luckily not too many people want to come in january so this week it’s all mine!


the clock is about to strike midnight so i’m heading off to dreamland, have a beautiful night and sweet dreams to you my darling friends!

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infinite potential around the corner


an empty room has so much power


four walls can be absolutely anything


of course good bones don’t hurt! images above via pinterest:

morning guys and happy saturday! thank you all so much for your beautiful comments and good wishes over the last couple days. i’ll treasure them forever! there was no way i could hone in on just a couple winners for the giveaway so at a point i just cut it off and noted that everyone above that comment would get a book. i have to wait till they come out but will get a couple cases and send them over to you. that’s going to be a bit of a project so we have a little time to collect your addys and info. in the meantime i thought i’d share a bit of what we’ve been doing over here.


it’s been month waiting for the shipment from france and it prompted me to rent a space at a local antique mall for when it did come in. i chose the sugar chest.  it’s open and full of great vendors and now our own empty space  is  filled with the pieces that finally arrived from paris over the past couple days.

photo (1)

the beds are stacked 4 deep and the armoire is full of linens, we did have a couple incidents with breakage but overall i think it will be alright and this is a good place to store it and shoot it for our next sale.


while we were waiting for our ship to come in, we couldn’t help tap into the gems that line the streets right here in the usa. we started putting collections together and had some fun with the freedom of not having to ship, do customs, have a broker, pay duties, taxes, fees, bills of lading, power of attorney and uncrating it all. it’s amazing what’s in our own backyards. how we skim over great pieces or think we have to travel far and wide to find and bring them back. it’s fun, don’t get me wrong, but we are jam packed with stuff right here, even at the sugar chest! this little collection was based on the etching above, an early coquette.

coquette collection


we started making her a glamorous  boudoir of course! it’s been fun having everything around till it goes up on OKL (in fact i think some already is).  my own apartment is kind of an empty space that keeps changing with what’s coming in and out. i love getting to enjoy them awhile!







i keep saying ‘we’ meaning candy and me so i thought you’d like to see who our mystery muse is! these chairs were her investment to the sale! well i better jet,  i’ve got an impromptu trip coming up on monday i’ll tell you about later tonight if i can get back here. till then have a fantastic and memorable day and if you’re out antiquing locally, enjoy  the freedom of it!!

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