the other side of paradise


greetings from paris mes amis! it’s beyond cold, in fact it’s downright bone chilling! but not cold enough to stop the shopping and yesterday was an incredible adventure.


we went to visit my friend stephane blanc’s warehouses in a tiny village an hour outside paris. it couldn’t have been more picturesque and even better, full of surprises.


you never know what’s behind big old doors and we were not disappointed when he opened the vaults to the 1750s barns where he and his father have gathered incredible treasures from french châteaux and estates over the years.


stephane brings pieces back to paris and restores them to sell at clignancourt in his tiny, curated booth on rue paul bert. my mystery guests and i were the first to go behind the blue doors. although he was casual about the enormity of his collection, we were blown away.


every kind of imaginable style is stacked up in chilly, cobwebbed rooms filled with furniture, mirrors, doors, chandeliers, artwork and toys.


we must have been there for 5 hours going through every nook and cranny in the cold.


no one left empty handed and at the end of the day we were exhausted and tired but happy with our treasures.


as someone who loves to restore old pieces, i couldn’t help wanting to take it all home and bring it back to life myself.


still, my philosophy these days is ‘no projects’ especially since i’m preparing for my OKL sale in just a couple weeks.


so at least for now, the clocks and tables are safe and sound, sitting quietly in wait.


and until i have the chance to come back (hopefully in warmer weather)!


i’ll just settle for getting pieces that are ready to go like these little treasures we found at the market. we’re heading out again tomorrow and sunday to vanves and clignancourt for a big day of shopping and shipping so i’ll keep you posted and take lots of shots! have a great day and happy weekend!

January 18, 2013. Clignancourt Flea Market, Clignancourt Market Paris, Paris, Paris Flea Markets, Shopping.


  1. Nikon replied:

    Wow, you’re so lucky! A whole barn full of treasures! If it was summer, I’ll bet that you would never have left!

  2. vicki archer replied:

    Fantastic find Claudia… stay warm… xv

  3. Dot replied:

    Crazy wonderful! Beauty and history articulated in wonderful pieces to surround oneself with!

  4. Connie* replied:

    I just love the Clingancourt Market! When I lived in France I had NO money but I used to go there most weekends and just dream. Lucky you to be able to hang our there. Have fun.

  5. Cris replied:

    Love it love it love it. thank you for the bit of Paris in my Chicago life!

  6. Christine replied:

    Wow Claudia! What a nice trip. Have fun.
    Please contact me when you return so we can finalize our transaction.

  7. thetravelingpear replied:

    Oh heavenly! I would have fell out if i saw all that. Amazing.

  8. Jean replied:

    Is that the guy who fed us snails (I think snails, maybe mussels) and champagne as we walked by his stall on our trip last November? I think it is.

    Those clocks are to die for. I’ve been looking for a beautiful grandfather clock, although I can’t imagine what it would cost to get such a clock home.

  9. Jean replied:

    I think it was oysters, come to think of it. Sounds like the trip is going really well. I would much rather be there in the cold than here in the cold.

    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      yes! that’s him! i asked him to fire up the grill for tomorrow, it’s freezing here right now!

  10. Shell Sherree replied:

    Maybe Stephane can loan you his cap ~ looks very snug! Enjoy…

  11. Jean replied:

    I do hope you are dressed warmly! And stylishly, of course!

  12. Rhonda replied:

    Absolutely worth the cold weather, I’m sure. I cannot wait to see more….

  13. Amanda replied:

    Those pink chairs are divine!

  14. Merillion replied:

    Fascinating as usual! I’ll take that lovely armoire with the books in it. Let’s see now, where can I put it?

  15. Rose replied:

    Aladdin’s cave! I would want it all! But then I’m greedy like that. :)

  16. Per Aage Bergquist Sivertsen replied:

    Where is this place? We would love visit for inspiration! Do you allow guests to come visit? Best regards Per (From byTiMo in Oslo). We will stay for 2 months just outside Paris this Autumn.

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