an abundance of emptiness



good morning guys! how’s your brand new year going? i have to admit i’ve made and broken a couple resolutions already.

i think for success there has to be a balance


we have so many options and stimulus coming at us at all times


it’s so easy to fall into old habits. it’s easy to miss what can be found when there’s not much around


my only resolution today is to look for the in-between spaces, listen for silence and find ways to be quiet.


brooklyn tweed

i hope your day is filled with a lotta nada if that’s what you’re craving too! whatever your day brings, have a great one!


January 3, 2013. Life.


  1. Joanna replied:

    I love them all…


  2. Carina replied:

    Claudia, every word you wrote is spot on. There is so much coming at us, from so many different angles, that silence and calm can be heavenly. Pyjama days on the sofa with little people are high on the agenda at the moment.


  3. Nikon replied:

    Wonderful photos, Claudia!
    I hope that you had a great New Year, and have an incredible new year ahead of you!


  4. Heidi replied:

    I’ve learned over the years , resolutions have to be realistic too!
    you always have the best images my friend, Happy New Year, love Heidi


  5. arod replied:

    beautiful post have a great day of nothing


  6. Leslie replied:

    Yes, it is absolutely, positively all about balance. People should not be too hard on themselves. Forgiveness and love are the keys, first of yourself, then of all others…easier said than done, I know! Happy New Year!! :)


  7. Shelly Gregory replied:

    Claudia, well stated–“inbetween spaces” and a “lotta nada”……couldn’t have said it better! Thank you for a valuable point with a slight touch of humor in naming it. Have a beautiful week in the “inbetween spaces”. I know I will.


  8. Connie replied:

    Just spent the morning reading other blogs about “I did this. I bought this. I wore this. I went here. Me me me..blah blah blah” and as interesting as that all is…you post was sweet and sincere and generous and a calm change of pace. Thank you Claudia.


  9. peggy braswell replied:

    Resolutions what is that? Of course all my good intentions fall by the way side. You are soooo right on Claudia! Haaa sweet quiet + nothingness!


  10. Ginny replied:

    If you’re looking for credit for the wool blanket and mug photo, it’s from BrooklynTweed (


  11. Brenda replied:

    This is such a lovely post. It reflects that which I am feeling today. A quietness within that wants to be heard, to be known, to be rested in. To shift to another lens which allows the wonder of the world to gently enter my awareness, pictured perfectly here. Thank you.


  12. pixelrites replied:

    Such beautiful images!


  13. JasmineKyleSings replied:

    GORGEOUS IMAGES!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! We do need to find the quiet places!!!!


  14. PixLexia Photography replied:

    Please Please, consider sharing a tutorial on how you shot these . . . so lovely!


  15. Chit Chat Chomp replied:

    Love that last shot – absolutely beautiful!


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