good friends and good cheer


hi guys, happy saturday. it’s cold in nyc! my guy made a fire and it’s all i can do to leave the apartment. the happy reward is getting to see old friends all around town.


how is your holiday prep going? i hope it’s stress free. that’s my goal this year.  i slept for a good long time when i got here. i think it’s been a really emotional time for all of us. and on top of it, life will just not stop! i find a  nap such a relief sometimes.


when i finally came back to life i ended up on pinterest and realized i was thinking about my mom and her holiday table. she aways has a beautiful centerpiece. she and my dad are putting the house together. i know how much work they’re doing and enjoying it at that.


i believe simplicity is the key to a stress free holiday. so is appreciating the fleeting nature of it.


i’m glad to be here with you this year. please don’t forget to do something for yourself. and i highly recommend you take that nap if you need it!

December 22, 2012. Holidays.


  1. Rhonda replied:

    Oh, I love your nap idea. Adore the images you’ve shared. I truly need some Christmas Day table setting inspiration! Merry Christmas Claudia


  2. Karen Albert replied:

    Dearest Claudia, I do love a nap when I need it; it usually starts with reading a good book and then dozing off!

    Love and Hugs,
    Art by Karena


  3. Shane replied:

    Dear Claudia
    your lovely post could have been written just for me!
    I’ve been hanging out here for about half an hour reading your old posts about your time in Paris.
    Lovely to see the photo of you and Vicki – she seems the sweetest person – I feel I know her too!!!
    Christmas Blessings to you and yours dear Claudia
    Chill, Rest and Revive
    Joyeux Noël
    Shane ♥


  4. Rebecca Grace replied:

    Merry Christmas, Claudia — thanks for the lovely images. I agree; simplicity is key to an elegant holiday. I hope yours is restful AND joful this year!


  5. peggy braswell replied:

    Ahhh, a nap will do it everytime for me too! I will set my table for Christmas on Christmas Eve. How dear you are throughout the year! Merry Christmas to you & yours


  6. Mom replied:

    The table is almost finished. It just needs your final touches.


  7. Clare replied:

    Merry Christmas, Claudia! I hope you get to share with us a few snaps of your Mum’s Christmas table!

    ~ Clare x


  8. Heidi replied:

    Merry Christmas …Love Heidi


  9. Nikon replied:

    Great photos, Claudia – they exhibit a nice relaxed mood. I wish you and your’s the best of Holidays!
    Thanks so much for everything you bring to us!


  10. Ming-Pei Cobb replied:

    Ah….Just beautiful, Thank you. Merry Christmas.


  11. vickiarcher replied:

    Yes… always a great idea to have a nap… :)
    Happy Christmas Claudia… xv


  12. hellolovelyinc replied:

    happy almost new year.

    i’m your newest subscriber and hope you’ll follow back!

    best to you.



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