i’m glad the world didn’t end



then again it’s only 2 o’clock! hi guys, good to be here with you, safe on earth. since we got a second shot at life today,  there something enlightening that was supposed to come out of it. some say it wasn’t catastrophe in the literal world ending,  but more like a global-mental revolution that could alter the world today. maybe together we can shape the world. however imperfect  this time, it’s ours to claim!

hope you’re enjoying  one of your favorite things right now.  pour moi, it’s  back to work since the world didn’t end! have a wonderful friday darling friends!

December 21, 2012. Life.


  1. Mademoiselle Poirot replied:

    What an amazing photo… No, the world didn’t end today and as it was my last day at work for the year I now have two reasons to celebrate! :-) Wishing you a wonderful Christmas xo


  2. nicole replied:

    literally speaking, the mayan calander last day was today….my thinking tomorrow would be the day to end…for those who believe that…i dont. on a positive side, 12/12/12 would be the begining of a new more possitive world, and 12/21/12 will solidifiy this new world…


  3. This is Belgium replied:

    It is 2252pm in Belgium and all seems fine;)


  4. pixelrites replied:

    To me it’s the beginning of a new era – a new global consciousness. Love your pix.


  5. Peggy Braswell replied:

    Whew-that bullet was dodged-funny cartoon about the end of world-one guy tell the other, “look, I did not have enough room on the wheel so I ended it.right here” The other guy says “well, that will really spook somefolks out,I bet” xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


  6. Nikon replied:

    Have a great Holiday, Claudia!
    (I love that pic!)


  7. Linenqueen replied:

    I lived in Honolulu some years back. Honolulu really mimics paradise. The temperature, the clear clean air, swaying palm trees, you get the picture. I am in my Volkswagon bug stopped at a traffic light when this young guy comes to my window telling me the world is going to end. I took offense at that. There was a newspaper on the car seat which I rolled up, jumped out of the car and began beating on the messenger with the bad news. He grabbed his back pack and took to his heels. What with those people?


  8. Merillion replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    Everytime they say the world will end on a certain date, I just make sure to buy extra milk, & make sure we have some bourbon in the house. Maybe some eggs and bread, too.
    Incredible photo!
    Time to wish you & yours a Merry Christmas, a happy holiday, & a great New Year!


  9. Keri replied:

    Back to work since the world didn’t end– that’s the story of my life too! But it’s all good. Have a great pre-holiday weekend!



  10. Paris Rendez-vous replied:

    Predictions, predictions…never to be trusted Claudia! Have a fab Christmas as I just know you will! A bientot.


  11. Teresa Hatfield replied:

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Claudia.


  12. Amy replied:

    Yes I was on pins and needles too. Was my house in order if this was the end. I was hoping for at least an ascension to the 4th or fifth dimension though. I hope everyone awakes and embraces peace and love for all mankind from this day forward. Happy holidays to all.


  13. JuLee Reeves replied:

    I am glad the “12-21-2012 is the last day for the world etc” thing is over! Tired of hearing it all year and seeing preppers getting ready. I do feel a renewed sense of appreciation for life and a light heartedness that is very pleasant. Wishing a wonderful 2013 for all of us! Make it count.


  14. gfcelebration replied:

    Dec. 21, 2012 – celebrating the entry into Aquarius.


  15. NapalmKitty replied:

    The friends of a friend of mine really thought the world was going to end. They went out and camped in the mountains for a week thinking they would survive and claim the belongings of the deceased. It doesn’t make sense because if the world ended, they would perish as well. The crazy things people believe in lol.


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