dog tired

christmas dog wallpaper 11


good morning gang! it’s super silent at this hour, no one is up yet and i have time to myself. i think i slept 10 hours solid and am feeling almost totally refreshed finally. one more hour would really clinch it!

question: are you a dog person? it’s been a couple years since i lost my love, daisy (part kitten part pitbull), and i didn’t think i’d really find anyone as special so have  put off pet ownership for awhile. but i’m suddenly tempted to adopt…

christmas dog wallpaper 15

did you happen to see the comfort and therapy dogs that were on the news the other night? all they did was show up and everyone felt good.

i read this just now and even though it’s common knowledge, still something to think about whether for ourselves or a loved one: a dog often will connect with someone who may not be making a connection with other people.  they just sort of gravitate to that child or adult sitting alone and can make that person smile.


well, have a great day everyone and if you can’t adopt, maybe just foster? let us all know!

December 18, 2012. Holidays.


  1. Shelly Gregory replied:

    Interesting point in regards to whom a dog gravitates. Dogs are such incredible creatures. We found our little dog on the street as a new pup all alone. He is extremely loyal and loving.


    • Rose replied:

      Thank you for that . I so enjoy your posts ! Happy Holidays !!!


  2. peggy braswell replied:

    My heart goes out to you-losing a pet can be sooo hard. I thought I would never get over loosing Jackson Kitty. But then! Barkley was found on the streets, matted, dirty etc. Now he is loved so greatly and brings such happiness to everyone! You can see him on my blog! Greetings from S CA


  3. Nancy Flemming replied:

    I hope you adopt soon. We shelters are almost like ‘’ for our pets in need and their new family… Instant love brought into your home. I appreciate your suggestion to your fans to adopt. That is a win for everyone. During these challenging times we have had so many sweet, confused and frightened pets brought to us and we have found loving new homes for each and every one . Happy Holidays and hoping you find your ‘special one’!
    Nancy Flemming
    Exec. Dir.
    Sequoia humane society


  4. Nikon replied:

    I love the photos – the first shot is my favorite!


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