candy wrappers

bonjour mes amis! the sun just popped up and it’s going to be another full day over here. my gal ellen drove down from palm beach and candy came by yesterday for an all out wrap party!

candy got creative with some ribbon, tissue and little buckles from paris. her color combos and ribbon tying skills put us to shame so we sat back and did the tech stuff while she made pretty packages!

the party starts up in about 10 minutes again so i have to go.

before i do just wanted to announce the winner of the portrait yesterday is nikon of hemingwayss paris so congrats and please everyone who’s won over the past couple days send me an email with your addy.

i found one more portrait so we’ll do her tomorrow. for now i better jet, have a great day!

November 15, 2012. Life.


  1. Faith Boggio replied:

    What a great idea!!!


  2. Nikon replied:

    Wow, great Claudia – thank you!
    Looks your pics in this post!


  3. Mom replied:



  4. Deatra replied:

    Just as I am complaining about there not being any where to go to have a gift wrapped beautifully in Fort Lauderdale, (not even Neiman’s ) this post comes along and reiterates it by showing what can be done. Just lovely. If your friend is willing to say where she purchased these buckles, I would love to know. Merci.


  5. Peggy Braswell replied:

    so lovely! congratulations nikon !


  6. Ms Anon replied:

    So creative and pretty!


  7. Anita replied:

    Those buckles are gorgeous. The creativity in using them is spectacular! I’m going to be looking for other things I can use on packages.


  8. Melissa replied:

    Hi Claudia, Did you announce the winner of the Coco Chanel book? I really loved it and hoped I would be chosen. Thanks!


  9. Born in Paris replied:

    Inspiring! The buckles with ribbons on the packages are beautiful and inspire me to look for little notions. I wouldn’t have thought of it on my own however! Thanks for all the giveaways – it makes checking the blog very exciting


  10. Marilyn replied:

    Hi Claudia!
    Such pretty wrapping, and the buckles are a great idea.


  11. Style Maniac replied:

    Brilliant idea! I have long used my grandmother’s near-endless stash of ribbons and sewing trims to wrap gifts, but never thought of using ornate buckles. So pretty, so stealing this!


  12. Michelle replied:

    That is just gorgeous! Where are the buckles from!?
    Mod Fox


    • deatra replied:

      I have asked questions before on this site and never gotten a response. I also asked where in Paris or France these buckles where purchased and never received an answer. I have looked everywhere on line, even French websites. I have not been successful. If you find them please pass the information on to me. I will be happy to do the same for you if my search turns up anything.


  13. Sundeep @ Designwali replied:

    really pretty!


  14. Keri replied:

    So pretty! I haven’t been over here in far too long. What a visual treat I’m greeted with!

    Happy Christmas, Claudia!


  15. somphop replied:

    wow i like this article


  16. Jeanne replied:

    I also adore those buckles. As I figured they would be a one of a kind find, didn’t have much hope of finding them… so I’ve been doing searches for something similar, and haven’t found a thing! Frustrating. Iwill keep looking though and if I find anything will post, since I know other ladies are looking for same. And Claudia, if you’re reading thes messages, we’d love to know some sort of source if you know of anything. I love your ideas, I’ve been inspired by your designs to ramp up my own “present dressings” and it’s been noticed! I even get compliments. :)


    • Deatra replied:

      Bonjour Jeanne:

      Claudia did respond to my post. She stated that she has the buckles and they are for sale. I am just waiting to find out how to by them. They are not on her boutique site, so I am assuming that she will invoice me. I expexct her to respond to your post as well.


  17. The Paris Apartment replied:

    hi all sorry to have been MIA on these buckles!
    i have them for sale but haven’t had a chance to put them on the site yet. if you’re interested in them just let me know, they come in packs of 10.


    • Deatra replied:

      Absolutely Interested. Are they still $2.00 each I will take 50.


  18. Sheryl Turner replied:

    Oui…would like to purchase some of the lovely buckles seen on the packages in your posting! Please let me know the cost and zip them to U.S. Packages of 10 – cost of each package?


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