the best is yet to come


allo toute le monde!i hope you’re proud of our country and happy with the presidential win. but if you’re not then please make it your business to, as ghandi said, be the change you wish to see in the world.

now can we create a nation that has strong beliefs and work together to compromise?  can we visualize a united nation? maybe one day a united world! we need to be big kids and not block progress.  let’s see what magic we can make together. there’s always the threat of repeal so let’s give this a whirl. please?

lets go plant trees

maybe we’ll have a planet that shares resources and produces what each country is best at. if we can find happy mediums in our conversations and actions no doubt we could all have what we need, even if it’s the most basic of necessities.


it’s obvious we can do it after seeing all the people who voted. it shows how much we really do care and all have a say. hopefully the rest of the world will one day too.

and now, can we redecorate the oval office, michelle? on a budget of course!

November 7, 2012. Life.


  1. Rhonda replied:

    I so enjoyed your positive post today! It is so beautiful and inspiring.


  2. Connie replied:

    The Obamas should definitely hire YOU to help redecorate!


  3. Jennifer replied:

    Very well said! I share your vision and hope to see such unity come to pass in my lifetime!


  4. jan replied:

    You should stick to decorating and enjoy the Obama Kool Aid. Please cancel my subscription.


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      damn, so some people are going to continue to keep things status quo and have no interest in going forward from here. i’m not sure why anyone would want the job with all the hate and roadblocks. just curious, jan, what is it that is fueling your anger and can’t be resolved?


  5. GS replied:

    I voted for Obama with the hope that his next term will be one where the republicans will do the right thing and work with the President for the good of the people and our country.


  6. peggy braswell replied:

    Lets see what can be done…then do it!


  7. Angela Muller replied:

    I agree with Jan. Stick to decorating and leave politics to those who know that an entitlement society is one of enslavement, devoid of creativity, self-respect and pride. If you really cared about your fellow man you would stop demonizing those who want to help people lift themselves out of poverty rather than increasing the dole they get from the state to remain where they are. Cancel my subscription, as well!


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      demonizing? ouch! i HATE politics fyi and isn’t a little ‘old boy’s club’ to tell me to stick to decorating? i’m only hoping we can unite and am not sure why that is making you mad. i’m an entrepreneur and a capitalist who believes we have to take care of ourselves and if someone needs a hand, lend them one. i am working hard to create a business and jobs for others. the american way and all that. mostly hoping we can all get along! but how can we do that when you would rather cancel your subscription then have a conversation? i can’t imagine what blocks a president must face every day!


  8. vintagerevivalnz replied:

    Love you post and I’m so glad Obama is in again. I was praying for it he’s amazing! A true world leader …. if only he was.


  9. Angela Muller replied:

    If you paid attention instead of just listening to the rhetoric you would know that Obama refused to compromise on anything that he threw before the Congress. At least President Clinton knew how to achieve progress and was able to work with a Republican legislature. I spent over twenty years working in the inner cities and can document that those citizens are worse off today than they were four years ago. I’m not angry, but I am disheartened that empty rhetoric means more than reality. Almost everyone needs help at some point in their lives, but to encourage a man who fosters that as a way of life is negligence. You say you want a conversation, but you’ve already cast blame……….and I, for one, have no time for your rhetoric as I’m sure you have had enough of mine.


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hi angela, who am i blaming? there’s no one to blame. i just want a shot at world peace. and just out of curiosity, why is clinton endorsing obama? and why can’t barack do what bill did or have you already made up your mind about that based on the rhetoric going around?


      • The Paris Apartment replied:


        If you’re wondering why Clinton is endorsing Obama then, perhaps, you don’t understand politics. I also would like things to get better and I thought we had a chance for that to happen. I did vote for the “O” man in 2008 and believe things did not improve because of his policies (or lack of them). Despite the ugly “trashing”, I believe Mitt Romney is a decent, honorable man, who had a plan to restore prosperity to this economy. If you do listen to Rush, then you might agree with him when he said that, “It’s hard to beat Santa Claus!” I don’t think things will get better under this President, but, clearly, time will tell.

        Politics aside, Claudia, I have to say I thoroughly enjoy your blog and was, perhaps, a bit hasty in asking to be unsubscribed; I was still raw from the election results. I do appreciate your continued attempts to open the discussion and will try to find balance with regard to this issue. Can we agree to wait and see what happens, while hoping for the best?



  10. Ericka Engelman replied:

    obviously change of any kind is difficult and if we start by looking at what we agree on, then move on from there we’ll be more successful. I for one believe we can actually solve our problems by working together. Look how we come together when ever there is a great need or threat.That is one of the reasons I’m proud to live in these UNITED states.


  11. Cristina venezia replied:

    Well,even if I am not american and I never visited US this morning I shared you joy….I even cried for !
    You are a big country.!!!!
    I think the world is already better!!
    Buon lavoro Presidente!!!

    Cristina Venezia


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      even if for no other reason than the world’s perception of us i’m happy for this win! thank you for your note!


  12. Sally Leonard replied:

    I too am thrilled with the President’s reelection.
    Am also puzzled by the anger of two of your
    readers. Peace, prosperity, the concept of
    working together are good things, not bad.


  13. Nikon replied:

    I hate politics :)


  14. The Paris Apartment replied:

    me too!


  15. Merillion replied:

    But Claudia, we haven’t gone “forward” at all in the past 4 years! We are going backward, & that’s how it will be for the next 4 years. This is NOT hatred, this is COMMON SENSE! Don’t read “disagreement” as “hatred.” Be clear.
    P.S. The “world’s perception of us” had been strong & good. After the past 4 years, it is NOT strong & good.


  16. The Paris Apartment replied:

    i many not understand politics but i do understand what happens when i travel abroad now. the anger toward americans has subsided and the world sees that we have problems like every other country but still care about the rest of the world. things aren’t perfect but maybe if we all stop watching CNN to learn about what’s going on we’ll actually spend more time working and not waiting for a president to make things all better. i’m not saying the health care situation is perfect (wasn’t medicare fought tooth and nail when it was first proposed)?
    but at least now i have a shot at getting insurance with a pre-existing condition.


  17. Ms Anon replied:

    Unity? That will prove difficult if some of these comments are anything to go by. And you are right: the world saw the US in a better light once President Obama was elected. This holds true today. All one has to do is read the comments from various countries, which can be found online. It is also not true that the President wasn’t willing to compromise. Many in his own party felt he caved in too often. “And leave politics to those who know that an entitlement society is one of enslavement, devoid of creativity, self-respect and pride.” And just who would that be? Just what are you really trying to say? That Claudia can’t express her opinion or that she should’t vote for someone you don’t agree with? Bullying tactics don’t work, are haven’t you learned that by now? We have gone forward, although not far enough. But remember the slogan of the other side was to take the country BACK.


  18. jenniferjiselleJennifer Scott replied:

    Love the blog. Would love to win the book. Good luck on your One Kings Lane sale. I’ll be there.


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