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hi guys, happy sunday. i write this with a heavy heart as there are still so many people on the east coast and beyond who have been affected and are still weathering the storm effects of sandy.

like so many of us, my heart aches and i feel so removed. all i can do is offer help financially if not in person.

tpa will be donating 50% of all sales this week to the red cross and the victims of this tragedy. thankfully many have returned to their normal lives but so many have not. i look at the few possessions i have and grieve for those who are suffering not just from loss of material goods but the simple comforts like a bed, shower, walls or a roof.


if you’re well enjoy your weekend and never stop counting your blessings!

November 4, 2012. Tags: . Sandy.


  1. Mom replied:

    That is a wonderful thing you are doing, Claudia.


  2. Nikon replied:

    Great of you to do this, Claudia.
    I feel so ineffective as I watch the videos coming out of NYC & NJ & I’m doing nothing to help.


  3. Merillion replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    I appreciate totally what you’re doing re donating. My sister is one of the unlucky ones in New Dorp, Staten Island. Her house is still standing, but had 5 ft of water in it. It’s a bungalow type of house, has crawlspace under, 1 floor w/bdrms, kitchen, bath; and attic above. She lost all furniture, all appliances, stove, fridge, etc. & all her clothes. There was someone’s house in the middle of the very narrow street. She’s living with her son-in-law & grandsons for now, in Staten Island.
    She’s doing pretty well, strength-wise. Has a good attitude.
    Thank you again for being thoughtful & kind to all the people having such a bad time.
    Love, Marilyn


  4. mary replied:

    This is an amazing gift. I wishing you tremendous sales. The Red Cross is a life-giving institution that does not play politics with its generosity. Thank you for the inspiration.


  5. phyllis replied:

    I saw a photo of two women who had come from Sweden to run in the marathon but instead had gloves on moving debris…it is so awesome when people pull together in hard times. New Yorkers unfortunately have been through hard/low times before…so sad. I hope you sell a lot!


  6. Taylor Presson replied:

    You are an inspiring business women! It is a tragedy beyond anything I could have ever imagined. My Dad lives on the water in Connecticut and while his house is still standing they are going to be living in an apartment for at least 6 months while they work to rebuild their home. Financially, we are one of the lucky one’s, but there are so many people in need of just about everything!! Thank you!


  7. peggy braswell replied:

    I have a son who lives in NY who is working hard to get things back to normal (he is alright-thank god). Thank you for all your help. xxpeggybraswelldesign.co


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