candy wrappers

bonjour mes amis! the sun just popped up and it’s going to be another full day over here. my gal ellen drove down from palm beach and candy came by yesterday for an all out wrap party!

candy got creative with some ribbon, tissue and little buckles from paris. her color combos and ribbon tying skills put us to shame so we sat back and did the tech stuff while she made pretty packages!

the party starts up in about 10 minutes again so i have to go.

before i do just wanted to announce the winner of the portrait yesterday is nikon of hemingwayss paris so congrats and please everyone who’s won over the past couple days send me an email with your addy.

i found one more portrait so we’ll do her tomorrow. for now i better jet, have a great day!

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dawn to dusk

hi guys, how’s your day going? i hope there’s a lot of good in it. i wanted to say thank you to all of your sweet comments and support. you’re the best friends a girl could ask for!  we’ve been busy over here since the crack of dawn and still i only have a second to write this.  the photo above  is an outtake from the book i thought you’d enjoy.

couple things before i get to stepping!  my college roomie, mary beth, launched her new baby:

and i couldn’t be more proud of her! she shows us how to shop and plan a week of meals and even sends the grocery list and recipes!

check out a sample here:

next, the winner of the portrait yesterday is  melissa of ~red hen and honeybee~

finally, what fun would it be if we didn’t have an other giveaway? since you seem to love portraits as much as i do, we’ll do another portrait.

our jeune fille is so sweet and serene, i love her colors and the tiny details. her frame is original, with tiny brass detail.  alas, she’s just from a magazine and nothing special per se. but to me she actually is and if to you too, leave a comment and  we’ll give her away tomorrow afternoon.

uh oh, the sun is setting! till tomorrow~have a great, big bon nuit! 

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the time is now

good morning guys, happy monday. i hope you’re week is already off to a good start. it’s a big day over here. two deadlines are met,. the first is the new book, it’s actually going to the printer today! and the other is my tastemaker tag sale one king’s lane that’s about to go live in 10 minutes! sorry for the short notice but it’s been so busy around here with every little detail that i have not had time to look up.

i realized yesterday that with the sale, all of my precious friends will be leaving one by one. the artwork and books that kept me entertained over the past few weeks when the light hit just right or i had to just sit and look for inspiration were on this one single wall. it probably was shot excessively but needed some creative outlet!  but by sunday eve i knew it was now or never to have one last romp with my little muses and shoot them before they’re gone.

i wonder where they’ll go?

i hope you get a chance to come by TPA ON OKL!

ps i couldn’t find this little portrait when it was time to close up the okl paperwork so i wanted to send her off to one of you. if you’d like to win her in a giveaway, i’ll post a winner tomorrow. leave a comment and we’ll do the drawing in the afternoon!

have a great day!

November 12, 2012. Life. 44 comments.

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