bohemian rhapsody

good morning! it’s our last day and everyone’s tapping their feet waiting for me. before yesterday evaporates into forgotten memories i just wanted to post a little of grand palais’ beautiful exhibit on the bohemians of paris.

in’ve been to the petit palais but never the grand.

the exhibit was pretty great and best of all i learned a little about the evolution of the romanticizing of the gypsies of egypt and how the myth and mystery of their story morphed into the bohemians of paris we think of today.

the pics are pretty bad cause i was taking shots on the DL

the artists of paris were inspired by the colors, passion, music and free-spirited lives of the early bohemian gypsies.

but they were they both feared and revered for their free and unconventional ways and remained on the periphery of society as outcasts.

eventually the bourgeois sort of wanted to be like them.

maybe sort of a grunge movement

where being down and out was romanticized

anyway i hope this gave you  a little flavor of it. definitely a topic i’d like to explore and one i didn’t know anything about about till yesterday. et alors,  i’m out the door to see what’s in store. have a great day, more soon!

October 23, 2012. Grand Palais, Museums, Paris.


  1. Nikon replied:

    I can’t tell you how much I loved looking at the paintings! So stunning..
    What a beautiful selection…thanks for posting them and have a great trip home!


  2. Carla Coulson replied:

    Must get to see this Claudia this is the second blog I have seen a review! Thank-you for the grand tour Carla xx


  3. fernsandnettles replied:

    Love the Windmills! Want some in my town!

    Might you know anything further about the photo ??


  4. peggy braswell replied:

    so beautiful, more please!


  5. Lisa Harris Palazzolo replied:

    Love Love this post!! Very interesting and beautiful images!


  6. Clare replied:

    These paintings are magnificent! Oh how I’d love to have some of these on my wall! Thanks for the little history lesson ;-)

    ~ Clare x


  7. Maritza replied:

    Wow so beautiful your blog!!! I love it, You die for the same thing I die, I’m happy to find your site, lucky you to live in Paris,I love the life style of there… I’m from Sydney.


    • Sandra Conti replied:

      These are incredibable photos. Saying that you make my day every time I see anything on your site is an understatement. Those paintings are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful things.


  8. Sandra Conti replied:



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