same stuff different day

hey guys, happy sunday!  we spent it with a lovely guest and hit the markets to give her the lay of the land. she asked me if it ever seemed the same each week.  i had to say no even though it really IS the same things over and over in a way. i but t never ceases  to fulfill the promise of something wonderful around every corner. i didn’t get a chance to take a lot of shots today but we were really focused.

i did pick up something for myself in a pile of books out back at clignancourt. it’s an old version of letters written from a  mother to her daughter that chronicled an era in paris in a way that was both literary and a sort of diary.

anyway i always wanted to know more about madame her since she lived in one of the most fabulous places in the city, hotel carnavalet.

and i couldn’t resist a 200 year old book…

sadly carnavalet is closed on mondays and we did vow to do something cultural.  maybe the musee des arts decortaif or the boheme show at the grand palais.

but if you know me,  ask monument vs market  and i’ll always choose the latter. turns out clignancourt is having another one of it’s famous fetes all weekend.

these old pics are from the program. crazy to think how many times this stuff really does go round and round!

i’m supposed to spend the next couple days writing about the markets for my book while i’m here. i realize now that you have to be obsessed with your subject to write about it.

and thankfully i am! tomorrow i’ll head back for one last day of fleaing till spring. ok well i’m off to bed. have a great night!

October 21, 2012. Carnavalet, Marché aux Puces, Mme Sevigne, Museums, Paris, Paris Flea Markets, Vanves Flea Market, Vernaison Market.


  1. Nikon replied:

    What a great post, Claudia!
    So many fabulous vintage photos – I love your selection of them.
    You’re so lucky to be back in Paris – have fun!


  2. Karen Albert replied:

    Claudia wonderful to hear of your activities!! Your book find is such a treasure!!

    2012 Artists Series


  3. Fersancourt replied:

    I love Paris as a parisian born what i am … So vey curious and involved … Thanks


  4. Paris Rendez-vous replied:

    I know you adore the flea markets…..but the exhibition Bohémes is magnifique!!! Try to see it if you can. Bohemians/antique markets…it’s all wonderful! A bientot.


  5. Shelly Gregory replied:

    Your blog posts must all be compiled into a book!!!! Seriously!!!


  6. peggy braswell replied:

    sooo interesting + Greetings!


  7. Clare replied:

    Love a 200 year old book! How marvellous hotel carnavalet looks!

    ~ Clare x


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