out the window

allo all! it’s been a couple days under the radar getting things together but i finally came up for air and wanted to say hi.

i’m writing from paris on an impromptu trip with a my guy, his partner and his wife, my good friend.

the boys go to a food show every other year in the same exhibition hall as the maison objet. but this one is called sial. it’s a gourmet trade show and showcases some of the best food products from around the world. he imports artisanal stuff so it’s a foodie playground for them.

anyway he asked me for a recommendation for an apartment to stay in  so i steered him to my girl erica at haven in paris. when one of my favorite apartments was available, i couldn’t help but want to go! he surprised me with a ticket so here i am.

i stayed here a couple years ago wanted to share this place and its  neighborhood.  things got busy and i never really got to do it so over the next couple days i’m gonna try hard to post a bit about it cause every street is packed with deliciousness.

for the record i swiped all the pics above from the haven site.  it’s home sweet home already and no longer picture perfect but oh it is very cozy!

just outside is paris on a silver platter.

directly across the street is procope, the city’s oldest restaurant.

just past that are a million incredible art galleries like kleinmann above.

and i can almost reach out and touch it from the window! well it’s getting dark and it is saturday night. everyone else is out waiting for me so i’d better get going. have a great weekend, more soon!

October 20, 2012. Haven in Paris, Paris Apartments.


  1. pixelrites replied:

    O I am there! Beautiful and enticing ..


  2. Nancee replied:

    I stayed in that very apartment July 2011. We had a wonderful timing pretending we lived in Paris. Erica and her staff were marvelous hosts.


  3. Rhonda replied:

    Your images tug at my French lovin’ heart! Enjoy and have the best time ever!


  4. Teddee Grace replied:

    Heaven in Paris is more like it. Location, location, location!


  5. Nikon replied:

    Oh, Wow :) What a fabulous apartment and fabulous photos.
    The street shot of the restaurant, and the shots from the balcony are perfect, too!
    Have a great time!


  6. peggy braswell replied:

    Have a grand time. What a wonderful surprise-a ticket to Paris. Fab. photos. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


  7. Mom replied:



  8. Boomdeeadda replied:

    I’m immediately bookmarking this post in my travel file, lucky lucky you and thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful time


  9. Carrie replied:

    Just dropping by to say hello!! =)


  10. Clare replied:

    Oooh! This place looks simply perfect! Clare x


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