the sun also rises

good morning guys! how’s life in your world? i hope all is well and fall is in full swing with all the crisp freshness it brings.  it feels like forever since i’ve had a chance to sit down in front of the computer for pleasure not performance. i got a chance to catch the sun rise and it feels like a brand new world was born this morning.

it’s been deadlines and boxes and utter mayhem in my apartment for about a month but as of this morning, everything is different. boxes are unpacked, orders shipped, and what’s here is organized and ready to be shot for tomorrow’s shoot.

although my shipment from paris with the big stuff didn’t make it and some boxes are MIA, we’re pushing ahead with what is here instead of worrying about what’s not.

the best part is really getting a chance to study the petit objets a little at a time. they’re scattered around my desk, each one a story in itself.

i threw everything up on the wall that could hang just to get it off tabletops but it has turned into a fun display wall even if it is all cockeyed. there are things i hadn’t noticed before and that’s my little guilty pleasure. wondering who was who, what she fought for or believed in. maybe this grand dame was a suffragette?

well it’s about time to head out for a very early morning rendezvous.

there’s still lots of prep to be done and i can play with my do dads tomorrow.

there always seems to be some old-new thing that turns up and it’s easy to get lost in a book or a letter. this little calling card was used as bookmark.

madame’s little revisions reveal so much from her move to paris to her meticulousness.  i have business cards on my to do list but think i’ll skip those today and just practice my penmanship instead. how did they get those P’s in paris so perfect? well have a great day, more soon!

October 9, 2012. Life, Paris Trip.


  1. IsabelDS replied:

    Have a great day!


  2. Mom replied:

    Beautiful things- from the grand sunrise to the smallest “do dad”. I’m sure the large ones will get there.


    • Karen Albert replied:

      Claudia I can’t wait to see more. Every little momento has a story even if it is the memory of a trip where you found it!


  3. peggy braswell replied:

    Always love to receive the e-mail from Paris Apartment!


  4. Nancy replied:

    I love the old paintings that you collect. As a painter and fellow Francophile, I would love to study them up close! I was trained to repair torn, or punctured canvas, by an elderly artist and professor… I especially love restoring vintage art. I have your app and subscribe to follow your jaunts, have two friends there Now, using your advice
    Nancy Flemming


  5. ernø replied:

    so nice !


  6. Nikon replied:

    So many beautiful things – and photographed so beautifully!
    I love the craftsmanship of the objects.
    I love your opening shot – and the title!


  7. Jan Dolphin replied:

    What a treat to wake up in the morning to wonderful memories of Paris and Fleamarkets – Made my day – Merci
    Jan Dolphin: “Paris From The Heart’ Ultimate Walking Tours to Fun, Fashion and Freedom — or order directly from for a signed copy.


  8. Rhonda replied:

    Oh, love this post, these images make us feel like we are a part of your unpacking delights! So many sweet details and wonderful collections.


  9. à la parisienne replied:


    What a beautiful collection of items! It’s amazing how in France one can accumulate so many European trésors in such a small span of time, whereas here in the states, it could take years.
    I have an obsession with oil paintings with woman as the subject, so I’d have to say that the painting with the lady wearing le chapeau rouge is my favorite item in your collection. A person could design an entire room around that painting.



  10. Clare replied:

    Ooooh! I spy some beautiful dusty pink hued books!

    Finally posted a little thank you on my blog for your sunshine award! So thank you, thank you, thank you xxx


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