no place like home

hi guys, happy sunday! we’re bracing for a storm and i’m hoping the east coast will be spared without too much damage. there’s a definite calm which may be cliché but truly is the case.  i’ve sequestered myself in this weekend to write and it seems like i’m doing everything but!  i’ve been playing around at home with my camera and now that i have my place back and it’s no longer a warehouse.

before i left i’d been working on shooting the stuff for the okl sale. i hung it haphazardly just to get it on the wall and protected. what i didn’t realize is how much i’d love being around it all.

so many of the images speak to me and i wonder who they were

and imagine the way someone spent their day creating a little masterpiece

above is a watercolor of a leisurely afternoon in a chateau garden

these engravings made me think a little more about what probably caused the revolution

and the one below just calms me down

i guess there really is no rhyme or reason with art and what we gravitate toward. the only problem i have is the attachments i’m making to it all. some pieces you can look at forever cause you’re always finding something new. i didn’t know i’d fall so hard for these little  chef d’oeuvres that so quickly have become part of my daily inspiration.

in any event, i’ll be a big girl and give them up when the time comes but for now i’ll enjoy my moment with them. in the meantime i actually can part with something! i came home to an adorable book that was sent for review and a giveaway.

it’s a charming look at an american girl’s stay with a french family and all the things she learned about their perspective on life.

it’s a great gift so if you’d like to win a copy, just leave a comment and we’ll do the drawing this week.

and now, the sun has set. that means my deadline is that much closer and procrastination is no longer an option. (especially if i’m going to catch my housewives  :)

so bon nuit, i’m sending prayers to everyone with hope of a mild hurricane!

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the end of the road

bonsoir toute le monde! reporting from paris in my final hours. it’s already midnight and there’s some toe tapping going on since we have an uber early plane to catch. now i’m wishing we booked a night flight. it would mean another full day which you always seem to need here!

i love staying in apartments because they really make you feel like you’re a part of the neighborhood and you fall into little rituals right away. no matter which way you walk out of this apartment it’s a completely different experience. i wanted to cover a lot of ground but even just  a block circumference is full of goodies. if i don’t record them now i never will!

our favorite place was just around the corner, affectionately known as ‘comptoir’. we would rendezvous there at the end of the day to grab a snack at the counter that was the epitome of gourmet. and they make nutella crepes too.

the hood could not be more picturesque, and the shops are not just tourist places, they’re real longtime establishments who set the tone for this petit pocket of perfection.

it’s one of those places where everything calls to you…

i can’t resist the lure of the bookstores and there are SO many!

not to mention tea salons

and chocolate shops

sorry i don’t have the addresses but all bursts out from the odeon metro station.

next time i’ll go out another block further. i’d love to see a map of paris like that…from the center and radiating out.

i’m more furniture than food but even i was called by the feast of a show that’s laid out before us each day.

and les fleurs, don’t get me going!

we had dinner at atlas our first night and had the BEST mussels in creme

across the street was our best french breakfast (we tried a bunch), at cafe paris. (11 rue de Buci)

the shopping of course was outrageous with everything from innovative home furnishings like the fireplace above

and the vintage treasures tucked in among the hi end boutiques.

but as it always does, the night must come and the days wind down. it’s officially time to sign off. i hope you enjoyed your little tour. maybe it will be my new thing, the one block radius overview!  for now it’s off to bed. see you on the home front. have a bon nuit!

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bohemian rhapsody

good morning! it’s our last day and everyone’s tapping their feet waiting for me. before yesterday evaporates into forgotten memories i just wanted to post a little of grand palais’ beautiful exhibit on the bohemians of paris.

in’ve been to the petit palais but never the grand.

the exhibit was pretty great and best of all i learned a little about the evolution of the romanticizing of the gypsies of egypt and how the myth and mystery of their story morphed into the bohemians of paris we think of today.

the pics are pretty bad cause i was taking shots on the DL

the artists of paris were inspired by the colors, passion, music and free-spirited lives of the early bohemian gypsies.

but they were they both feared and revered for their free and unconventional ways and remained on the periphery of society as outcasts.

eventually the bourgeois sort of wanted to be like them.

maybe sort of a grunge movement

where being down and out was romanticized

anyway i hope this gave you  a little flavor of it. definitely a topic i’d like to explore and one i didn’t know anything about about till yesterday. et alors,  i’m out the door to see what’s in store. have a great day, more soon!

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