between the covers

good morning and happy friday gang! it’s 7:42 which means i have 3 minutes to get this up before the doorbell rings and quickbooks takes over the day.  i had a chance to crack this mag , nos loisirs (our leisure) from 1927. it’s  another time capsule, pages filled with articles, little ads and all the things we think about today. i thought you’d enjoy it~

it was a time of new ideas…and branding!

this is a cutex ad!

so many great designs, so many ways to tie a long scarf!

it was a new era, what was chic was being rethought for the moderne gal

and having bebe look good is always in style

eyelash ad

the ads were so sweet. fonts were always a big deal!

and you could have all this for 3150 francs, not sure how much that was but maybe about $350? dad?

ok she’s here, gotta dash, have a wonderful weekend!

September 21, 2012. illustration, Paris Trip.


  1. Paris Rendez-vous replied:

    Very cute Claudia…these rare magazines are intriguing aren’t they….love the way they show a glimpse of life back in the roaring 20s.


  2. Theresa Seabaugh replied:

    Hi Claudia, This is fantastic. I love knowing what everyone was ‘talking about’ during this time period. And think of those artists drawing every advertisement… Lovely!


  3. peggy braswell replied:

    oh how I loved looking at those + adore all magazines.


  4. Connie replied:

    Je suis folle! for magazines & books from the 1920’s. Thanks for this. It just made my day!


  5. Rebecca Grace replied:

    I miss francs, don’t you? It was so much more fun when each country you traveled to had its own currency. A hassle, maybe, having to change your money when you entered a different country, but I feel like local currency is a bit of lost culture now that most of Europe is on the Euro. Also, the fascinating thing to me about those hairstyles is how sculpted and sleek they looked. How on earth did women manage to style their hair like that everyday on their own, without modern styling products, curling irons or flatirons, in tiny little 1927 bathrooms?!

    I would not wish a day of Quickbooks on my worst enemy. I hope you can break up the boredom with some breaks, at least. At least tomorrow is the weekend!


  6. Nikon replied:

    I love that opening shot!
    And all of the other illustrations, too, I love vintage!
    Beautiful, Claudia.


  7. Valerie replied:

    Beautiful illustrations, thankyou.
    Do film-and-tv-makers study original photos and articles like the above when they try to re-create the ‘twenties? – the ladies’ hairstyles, eyebrows, lipline, posture, deportment and conversation is very often anachronistic, I find :)


  8. replied:

    Where did you find such a treasure? I love it!


  9. Clare replied:

    This is amazing! Such a wonderful find! Thanks for sharing.

    ~ Clare x


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