driven to distraction

good morning guys, happy thursday! the weekend is fast approaching thankfully! what do you have planned? here at chez moi, i’m  trying to focus on catching up but getting completely consumed by the few things i had a chance to unpack last night.

it’s just a couple of books but they’re sitting in front of me, begging to be touched, opened, held, read, and admired. they’re full of life and color, with gorgeous endpapers, vibrant bindings and delicious, perfect golden edges.

the placemark ribbons, the illustrations, the handwritten dedications (one even by colette)!

all i want to do is dive into this little pile.

but work calls and clients want to know where their handles are so i better get to stepping.

don’t get me started on the watercolors. more soon, have a fantastic day!

September 20, 2012. Books, Paris.


  1. Jean replied:

    Wow! Beautiful. What fun opening all your boxes.

    I sent you a link to photos, with more pictures of books!


  2. The Paris Apartment replied:

    hey jean! i just checked it out! what a summer it was!


  3. peggy braswell replied:

    Be still my heart + I am green with envy for your summer. So happy for you.


  4. The Paris Apartment replied:

    hi peggy, let’s make sure to rendezvous en france next year, what do you say?


  5. Shelly Gregory replied:

    Wow! Such striking color! Beautiful books! They would enhance the beauty of any room! And, I’m sure they are full of great literature, too!


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      they came from all over but having them together in my own little library (if even for a short time)! is mesmerising!


  6. Nikon replied:

    Beautiful colors, Claudia. I love how you take sections of the whole to make a photo, and that section is a blast of bright color!


  7. The Paris Apartment replied:

    you would not believe how much time i spent playing with them, finally enjoying my camera for a minute. but i still can’t capture the way they are making me feel!


  8. M-T replied:

    There’s nothing like the smell and feel of beautiful, old books — like haute couture as opposed to prête-à-porter. They make me long for a more elegant past when a gentleman’s library was lined with these exquisite volumes, which were not purchased by the pound, as they are so often today, but chosen one by one to fill his shelves.

    Beautiful post, Claudia. Perhaps we can connect one day soon in Paris.


  9. Rebecca Grace replied:

    Colette? Maupassant? Gorgeous RED LEATHER books that are actually worth reading, in the original French? They are beautiful! Don’t you just wonder who owned and read them and carried them around before they came into your possession? I love seeing all the treasures you bring back.


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