days of wine and roses

bonjour mes amis, ca va? we’re fully immersed in parisian life over here, for another week anyway. i’m trying to make it last and enjoy every minute (even if that’s a nap here and there)! paris is like a laduree candy shop with unexpected, delicious beauty around every corner. especially at the markets. we can walk for miles and still only skim the surface.

the fleas are full from the vendors’ summer finds and we’ve been getting up early to make the most of it.

i definitely have a thing for chairs and have been getting sofas, slippers, vanity stools and bergers…

sad for the ones that got away…

but n love with what’s coming back to the states! thought you might enjoy a preview.

and we know  you can’t get it all. but we sure try! we’ve been to the maison objet (a little uninspired this year but i’ll post the pics from it. then again everything pales in comparison to the fleas for me!) instead of heading back we went to  the markets with our client for the past few days. she’s been shopping for her store, shed home and tomorrow we’ll be packing her goodies up to ship.

the photo above is dave bloom’s of sophie atlan’s booth in clignancourt at vernaisson. we spent a couple days shooting together for the new book.

the detail in this country never ceases to amaze me

the closer you look the more you find

even a tiny powder puff is still as pretty as ever.

well tomorrow is our last day together, and i believe a good time was had by all.

thought you’d enjoy a shot of cindy’s room at caron de beaumarchais. amazing what you can do with 4 little walls!

we’re invited to a big party at clignancourt on friday eve and a concert tomorrow. we’re hoping to get to the show above if we can squeeze it in! well it’s minuit, so more soon, have a great night!

September 11, 2012. Antique Shopping, Clignancourt Flea Market, Clignancourt Market Paris, flea markets, Fleamarkets, France, Marché aux Puces, Paris, Paris Flea Markets.


  1. jean replied:

    Sounds like heaven. Can’t wait to see the goodies when they arrive at Shed! (A great little store in Maplewood, NJ, my neighboring town)


  2. SandyHibbard replied:

    looks like your stay and work has been bountiful while her in Paris! Love the blog and the photos!


  3. Smalltown Me replied:

    Oh, oh, OH! I would steal that purple chair if only I had room for it!


  4. vintageandart. replied:

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful parisien adventures…it all looks so very french l can almost believe l’m there…


  5. Rhonda replied:

    Girls in Paris, there is nothing like it!!! Fleas are the best part – shop to you drop, right? Enjoy each moment…thanks so much for sharing with us all.


  6. Mom replied:

    Wouldn’t it be grand if you could find two little nightstands to replace….LOL Mom


  7. peggy braswe;;] replied:

    Oh how fabulous! glad you are having a grand time + love being with you on this trip.


  8. Rob and Tonya replied:

    Ca va bien! Looks like a fabulous time with fabulous finds and friends.


  9. Nikon replied:

    So many beautiful photos! I love the shots of you – you look very happy there. I love that shot of Cindy’s room, too.
    So many things to look at!
    Have fun at the party!


  10. Paris Rendez-vous replied:

    What a treasure trove…and I would love to see that exhibition too. I missed this when I visited in June…may have to take another trip to Versailles I think!


  11. Vicki Archer replied:

    Great shopping… Can’t wait to see you… xv


  12. Looking Glass replied:

    Well look at you lovely ladies! Lookin’ fine!
    If only we had these kind of fleas in Australia. I love seeing all your loot!

    ~ Clare x


  13. Style Maniac replied:

    You look gorgeous! Completely in your element.


  14. meg manion silliker replied:

    oh one of these days i’m coming with. and photographing it all. so fabulous!!


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