mad dash

hi guys, ca va? i missed you over the past couple days but was really trying to force myself to focus. i’m a hardcore uni-tasker and can get a lot done if left to my own devices.  it’s the end of round one today and heading into the night shift. i figured enough was enough and i couldn’t stop myself from saying hi a moment longer.

still i have a deadline tonight so have to make this short and sweet. part of the reason i hadn’t been here was that i didn’t have much to say! i’ll let the photos do the talking, they were out-takes and just i recovered them from the trash. so a complete non sequitur as a post but between you and me i thought you may enjoy them!

and i can say hi for no reason at all!

ok gotta dash. have a great nuit!!

September 26, 2012. Paris Flea Markets. 15 comments.

the middle of the road of life

happy sunday gang, hope you’re in the throes of a blissful weekend! i’ve sequestered myself (practically) for the past couple days in order to get some manuscript under my belt for tomorrow and also get going on okl. i was on a roll when a book called to me like a magnet and i’ve been off in another world ever since.  le livre de mon ami.  once in hand i couldn’t put it down. everything from the three toned leather spine with raised details and gold letters. yum! and inside was original the silk ribbon book mark.

i’ve been thinking of taking a french class lately, or even starting to try and read it more. i can only imagine what i sound like to the french! so what better time than the present?  the first line is in italian, translated to french. i figured if it was a phrase in two langues i had find out what it meant.

the google translations really got me thinking and  this is my cue to take a break. the translation of  italian to french went from, ‘nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita’,  (in the middle of the journey of your life), and in french,  ‘au milieu du chemin de la vie’,  which translates to ‘the middle of the road of life’.

anyway i better get back to it while it’s stil nice and bright. i’m editing the last of the pics for my book and the  clock’s already mocking me. i’ve already gotten lost in this book for too way long. but then again, i could keep it closed and on a shelf or just to myself. or i could open it,  read the first line and realize i’m ‘in the middle of the journey of  life‘. and there’s always time for that!

sending good sunday wishes to you. have a great night!

September 23, 2012. Books, France, Friends. 8 comments.

between the covers

good morning and happy friday gang! it’s 7:42 which means i have 3 minutes to get this up before the doorbell rings and quickbooks takes over the day.  i had a chance to crack this mag , nos loisirs (our leisure) from 1927. it’s  another time capsule, pages filled with articles, little ads and all the things we think about today. i thought you’d enjoy it~

it was a time of new ideas…and branding!

this is a cutex ad!

so many great designs, so many ways to tie a long scarf!

it was a new era, what was chic was being rethought for the moderne gal

and having bebe look good is always in style

eyelash ad

the ads were so sweet. fonts were always a big deal!

and you could have all this for 3150 francs, not sure how much that was but maybe about $350? dad?

ok she’s here, gotta dash, have a wonderful weekend!

September 21, 2012. illustration, Paris Trip. 9 comments.

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